As an e-commerce seller, maximizing the performance of your advertising campaigns across multiple marketplaces is crucial for driving sales and increasing revenue. With Teikametrics’ multichannel platform, managing your advertising strategy just got easier. A new key feature is Teikametrics’ ability to seamlessly integrate new products into existing campaigns, allowing you to maintain relevance and efficiency.

Benefits of Adding Products to Existing Campaigns:

Improved Campaign Relevance: By adding like or similar products to existing ad groups, you ensure that your campaigns remain highly relevant to your target audience. This relevancy can lead to higher click-through rates and improved conversion rates.

Optimized Campaign Structure: Maintaining a well-organized campaign structure is essential for maximizing the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. With Teikametrics, you can easily integrate new products into relevant ad groups with a few clicks, ensuring that each product is strategically positioned to reach the right audience.

Time and Resource Efficiency: Managing advertising campaigns can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. However, with Teikametrics’ streamlined process for adding products to existing campaigns, you can save valuable time and effort in managing your advertising strategy. This efficiency allows you to focus on other aspects of your business while still driving results with your advertising efforts.

How to Add Products to Existing Campaigns:

Teikametrics offers two pathways for adding products to existing campaigns: via the Unadvertised Products Recommendation in the Recommendation Hub, and the Launching New Smart Campaigns workflow. Through both of these workflows, users will find the option to “Add Products to Existing Campaigns’  where they can select one or more products, and choose the destination ad group(s).

With this feature, adding products to existing campaigns has never been easier. By maintaining campaign relevance, optimizing your campaign structure, and saving valuable time, you can drive better results with your advertising efforts. Experience the power of Teikametrics and streamline your advertising strategy today!