The holiday season is a magical time of year, filled with joy, family, and gift-giving. For ecommerce sellers, it’s also a golden opportunity to boost sales and end the year on a high note. However, with the increasing competition in the online marketplace, it’s essential to be well-prepared to make the most of this festive season. To get your brand prepped and ready for success, we’re providing a crash course to make sure you’ve got your list, checked it twice, and can take advantage of the surge in sales.

Why Holiday Sales Matter

When it comes down to brass tax, holiday sales are critical for ecommerce sellers, as they account for much of brands’ annual sales. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), holiday retail sales in 2020 totaled $789.4 billion in the United States, despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. These trends have only continued in the years since, showing that they are here to stay.

Additionally, since people are in the mindset to be making purchases, brands see increased web traffic. A study by Deloitte found that 52% of holiday shoppers plan to research gifts online before making a purchase. This uptick in traffic coincides with higher rates of customer acquisition and retention. The holiday season is not just about making immediate sales but also about acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones. If customers have a positive experience shopping with you during the holidays, they are more likely to return in the future.

Best Practices for Holiday Sales

Now that we’ve highlighted the importance of holiday sales and the relevant statistics, let’s explore best practices that ecommerce sellers should consider for a successful holiday season:

Start Early

Plan your holiday marketing campaigns well in advance. The earlier you begin, the more time you have to fine-tune your strategies and create compelling content. Consumers start their holiday shopping early, so don’t miss out on this window of opportunity.

Optimize Your Website

Ensure your website is user-friendly and mobile-responsive. This includes optimizing page load times, streamlining the checkout process, and making navigation intuitive. A seamless shopping experience will encourage customers to stay and make purchases.

Leverage Social Media

Use social media platforms to create anticipation. Share sneak peeks of your holiday collections, run engaging contests, and promote your best deals. Encourage user-generated content and engage with your audience to build excitement.

Email Marketing

Craft compelling and personalized email marketing campaigns. Use email to showcase your holiday offerings, provide exclusive discounts to subscribers, and keep customers informed about order deadlines and shipping information.

Stock Management

Ensure you have adequate stock levels. The last thing you want is to run out of popular products during the holiday rush. Keep an eye on your inventory and be prepared to restock as needed.

Shipping and Returns

Offer competitive shipping options and a hassle-free return policy. Free shipping, express delivery, and easy returns can be strong selling points during the holidays. Clearly communicate shipping cutoff dates to set expectations.

Bundle and Upsell

Create holiday-specific bundles and upsell options. Encourage customers to buy more by offering attractive bundles or complementary products. For instance, offering a discounted gift wrap service can be a great upsell during the holidays.

Customer Support

Provide excellent customer support. Be prepared for increased customer inquiries and offer timely, helpful responses. Excellent customer service can lead to happy customers who return after the holiday season.

Analyze and Adjust

Constantly analyze your performance. Pay attention to metrics like website traffic, conversion rates, and the success of various marketing campaigns. Use this data to adjust your strategies and improve your holiday sales over time.

Be Authentic

Create authentic, heartfelt holiday campaigns. Shoppers are drawn to emotional connections during this time of year. Showcase your brand’s personality and values, and consider supporting a charitable cause, which can resonate with your audience.

Why Should Ecommerce Sellers Embrace the Holiday Season?

As an added bonus, the holiday sales season opens new opportunities for brands. In addition to boosted revenue, a properly organized holiday campaign can help you achieve:

  • Higher customer engagement
  • Increased market visibility
  • Clearing out inventory for new products and strategies

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