When we saw gigantic wins for Teikametrics users during Prime Day 2023, we thought that was as high as it could go. Then came Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days.

Amazon changed the landscape of ecommerce with Prime Day, an exclusive event full of savings for Amazon’s biggest supporters: Prime Members. Then, they did it again with Big Deal Days. This sister event promotes savings and sales, creating wins for everyone involved in ecommerce. More importantly, they show promising growth for 2023’s Cyber Monday. Get ready to take advantage of this exciting opportunity as we get into the performance, the data, and, of course, the predictions for these days.

The 2023 Prime Big Deal Days Breakdown

Unsurprisingly, when customers hear savings, they grab their wallets and write their lists. Big Deal Days was no different. When compared to non-holiday shopping, the event saw a 65% increase in performance in 2022.

As the event becomes ingrained in people’s schedules and brands have more time to plan their sales strategies around the event, we have seen performance improve even further. In fact, in 2023 sellers saw a 96% increase in the performance.

Our data shows a 42% increase in year-over-year performance from 2022 to 2023. What is truly striking about this data is how it compares to Amazon’s flagship Prime Day. Comparing the same timelines we see this:

2022 Prime Day — 103% increase compared to normal day performance

2023 Prime Day — 167% increase compared to normal day performance

While the overall increases are greater than Big Deal Days, Prime Day saw a year-over-year increase of 53%. With it being this close to the performance of Big Deal Days, it shows something deeper about shopper trends.

Expectations for Cyber Monday 2023

What the data above dictates is an increased interest and activity of shoppers related to online savings events. With our extensive experience in ecommerce, we have forecasted the performance of the rapidly-approaching Cyber Monday. Sellers will flock to online marketplaces to find deals for themselves and others in preparation for the holiday season. We expect to see similar results of a 45-55% increase in year-over-year growth.

Further confirming these expectations is Amazon’s record-breaking hiring of seasonal workers for 2023. By hiring 250,000 employees ahead of the holiday season, Amazon has increased its hiring rate by 67% over the last two years to stay ahead of their expected demand for next- and two-day shipping.
A major factor contributing to this expected growth is thanks to the Price-Conscious Splurger. This rare demographic arose from macroeconomic changes landing millennials with excess budgets they are willing to spend on what they perceive as good deals. However, they won’t stick around forever, so be sure to speak to their needs while you have the opportunity. Learn all about them and the incredible growth our brands saw through them in our blog exploring what is a Price-Conscious Splurger.