Every minute you spend manually calculating bids and making adjustments is time you’re not spending growing your business. Therefore, finding the right bids to maximize the value of each conversion is key. The more efficient your bidding strategy, the more competitive and profitable you can be gaining market share with Product Attribute Targeting ads. So today, we’re proud and excited to announce algorithmic bidding for Amazon PAT ads.

Product Attribute Targeting is a powerful way to target manual Sponsored Product campaigns. It allows you to target ads by either ASIN or Category (brands, prices, and ratings). This allows shoppers to find your product by choosing categories, products, brands, or features related to your own ASINs.

This new feature lets sellers on the Flywheel platform harness the power of the Teikametrics bidding algorithm for PAT campaigns. Targeting competitors with PAT ads can get expensive quickly. Therefore, use automated bidding to dynamically adjust bids to maximize conversion and ensure profitability for all of your PAT campaigns.

How you can use it

Automation for PAT ads lets you continuously improve bidding performance. This begins by setting a MACS, or Maximum Ad Cost Per Sale, in Flywheel. MACS is the way you can control how aggressively the bidding algorithm calculates, sets, and executes bids for your advertising campaigns.

We incorporate your target into our machine learning models to bid the best possible value for your business. This results in two outputs:

  • More conversions
  • Optimal bid value per click

If you’re running PAT campaigns to steal sales away from competitors, you can optimize bidding performance by enabling automated daily bid adjustments. This means you don’t have to spend time calculating the right bid per keyword. Also, you will know the algorithm will adjust your bid automatically every day.

You control how aggressively the bidder performs based on your advertising budget and goals — and the algorithm calculates and sets the optimal bid. This will apply for all campaigns that have a MACs set. The power of this new feature is a significant competitive advantage because bids earn the best value per click based on daily calculations and automatic adjustments.

Where to find it

If you’ve created PAT ads in Seller Central, you can set a Maximum Ad Cost Per Sale per campaign under Flywheel’s Advertising navigation bar within the Campaigns section.

Flywheel makes it easy to view daily bid changes under the Change History section.

Learn more about what you can you do with PAT ads and how to configure them using our full guide on Amazon PAT ads for sellers, written by our CTO, Aatish Salvi. This guide covers everything from basics to strategic tactics so you can make the most out of product attribute targeting ads.

Share Your Ideas

We’re excited to hear how this feature helps improve your advertising performance. If you have tips to share on this release, or suggestions to improve the product please, don’t hesitate to share feedback with the Teikametrics team!

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