Amazon Prime Day 2024 is rapidly approaching, and if you want to take advantage of the increased traffic, you need to be ready. Competition continues to increase, and sellers are becoming more knowledgeable than ever. That means if you want to succeed and maximize your performance on the biggest selling day of the year, proper preparation will be key. Fortunately for you, Teikametrics has helped brands of every size grow on Amazon, and we know the secrets to finding Amazon Prime Day 2024 success.

Discover Your Top Products

Not all products are Prime Day-worthy. Review your product catalog and determine which items will be the most popular during the event. Top-selling products are strong choices for any time of year, but keep in mind your brand as well as seasonality.  What is going to be sought after during July at a noteworthy discount? Put ad power behind those items. Don’t forget to highlight Prime-eligible items with a competitive price as not to lose to your competitors.

Deciding which products you want to showcase during Amazon Prime Day 2024 will guide the rest of your strategies and preparation. After all, if you are unaware of your goals, you won’t be able to find the shortest path to reaching them.

Optimize Your Listings

Here’s a dreadful scenario: all your planning paid off. Your products are the most sought-after item in your category on Prime Day, and shoppers keep flocking to your brand store. However, you ran out of product. That means every single user stopping by your page is a missed opportunity and lost revenue.

However, the opposite is nearly as bad. You over-prepare for Prime Day to minimal response and have an Amazon warehouse full of products that won’t move. Every day they’re collecting dust means more fees and lower ROI.

Avoid both of these scenarios by taking account of your inventory, and aligning it with your strategies for Prime Day. Do you have too many of an item and want to save on storage costs? Focus on liquidation. Are you expecting your top-selling item to be big this year, too? Send more stock to Amazon to account for heightened sales. Find your balance and execute on it. You can better gauge your inventory by looking at your performance on previous Prime Days, or even how your competitors fared.

When in doubt, check out our free Amazon Listing Optimization Guide.

Rely on Experts

The real secret for successful brands on Amazon Prime Day 2024 and all year round is that they don’t do everything themselves. They allocate work based on how skilled the team is at performing the task. When it comes to maximizing your results on Amazon, Teikametrics and our industry-leading AI are second to none.

If you’re still looking to optimize by yourself, we have a free Amazon Prime Day Optimization Checklist to make sure you cover everything you need for the big day.

For sellers who want support, check out our free demo webinar to see what our AI can do for you.