Ecommerce’s leading bidding algorithm just got better. 

Your goals, your performance, your entire business are contingent on ensuring the right ACOS targets for each and every SKU. This can only get more difficult as your scope expands, your goals change, and macroeconomic factors upend the entire ecommerce landscape. In fact, brands who fail to account for these changes waste time and money only to lose security and standing in their marketplaces. Fortunately, our new SmartACOS release uses leading data to make changes with pinpoint accuracy, so you’re always coming out on top.

Why is ACOS so important?

ACOS is the make or break of your business’s performance. Capturing all the sales in the world won’t matter if it’s costing you more to reach those buyers. Balancing price points to stay competitive while making a scalable profit becomes only more difficult as your campaigns expand.

Every additional SKU you add to your catalog houses a potential risk for your efficiency. Each SKU has its own strategy, whether that be growing your business, launching a new product line, or liquidating excess inventory. These problems only magnify as your SKUs reach the thousands, in some cases.

SmartACOS accounts for these challenges by allowing sellers to set the best ACOS per SKU, thus creating more opportunities for success while decreasing risk to your brand.

What is SmartACOS?

SmartACOS is an innovative solution that uses near real-time data and advanced AI-driven forecasting to optimize ACOS target settings. By choosing your own ACOS goals, you can ensure that your campaigns automatically fit every single campaign strategy.

Flywheel 2.0’s AI-powered algorithms consider changing ad performance, organic sales, and your new objectives and constraints to recommend optimal ACOS target settings. This capability helps you achieve holistic business goals, while you spend your time and efforts on growing your business.

SmartACOS means your ads will be easier to update, more accurate toward your goals, and more effective when reaching your target audience.

What does SmartACOS do?

For a given set of products and the ad groups used to advertise them, SmartACOS pinpoints the optimal ACOS target values needed to achieve your set goals based on time constraints you set (Budget, ACOS, and TACOS). This ensures your advertising strategy aligns with desired outcomes (Profit, Growth, Launch, ROAS, or Liquidation), similar to how a Nest thermostat learns your optimal temperature based on your personalized inputs and configuration.

What really sets SmartACOS apart is the five key features our team has built into the tool: 

Goal Alignment: The SmartACOS algorithm considers the seller’s business goals and constraints when generating ACOS targets. This ensures that the advertising strategy aligns with the desired outcomes: increasing sales, reducing costs, or achieving specific targets like TACOS (Total Advertising Cost of Sales).

Portfolio optimization: SmartACOS helps advertisers improve profitability by optimizing advertising spend allocation. It identifies inefficiencies in ad spend and suggests ACOS targets that maximize returns on ad spend (ROAS). This leads to better cost management and increased profitability for the advertising campaigns and overall business.

Advanced, predictive forecasting: SmartACOS incorporates an advanced forecast model that predicts the impact of changing ACOS targets on clicks, ad sales, and ad spend. This helps advertisers make informed decisions by understanding the potential outcomes of different bid strategies. 

Adaptability to changing conditions: SmartACOS’s algorithm considers changing performance, organic sales performance, and the seller’s evolving strategy and goals. The algorithm continuously analyzes data and adjusts ACOS targets accordingly, allowing for adaptive optimization based on real-time insights.

Improved efficiency and scalability: SmartACOS automates the process of setting and updating ACOS targets for ad groups, saving time and effort. It provides a streamlined solution for managing extensive campaign portfolios, making it easier to scale advertising efforts.

Unlock Your Brand’s Potential with Flywheel 2.0

The only way to take full advantage of the groundbreaking SmartACOS tool is to use Flywheel 2.0. However, that is simply where the benefits begin.

Using the latest data from multiple sources, Flywheel 2.0 updates every ad every hour to maximize your results. It’s the surefire way to grow your business while saving time and money. Better yet, our experts can help you understand the ins and outs of our software to ensure you’re meeting your customers where they are with the products they want to buy. Try it out with a demo below:

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