Amazon introduced several exciting programs and initiatives in 2022 that allow sellers to further build their brands, connect with, and reach more customers. With two in-person Amazon events, Accelerate (Seattle, September) and unBoxed (New York, October), there were opportunities for Amazon sellers and brands to talk about these updates with Amazon team members. We have been talking to a lot of them, and these are four things people are really excited about.

Tailored Audiences

The Tailored Audiences tool, a 2022 addition to Amazon Customer Engagement, allows sellers to email any customers that have purchased from them in the last year. This is significant, given that, traditionally, Amazon hasn’t made it very easy for sellers to connect with their customers. Unfortunately, Buyer-Seller-Messaging was manipulated by too many “bad actors” and Amazon had to come up with another way for brand owners to connect with their customers.

With Tailored Audiences, sellers can personalize marketing campaigns to customers based on certain attributes, like brand loyalty, and product interest. You can find this feature in Seller Central. Just go to:

Brands > Customer Engagement

The tool features email templates that help sellers share new products and attempt to create repeat customers. Released at Amazon Accelerate in September 2022, Tailored Audiences lets you send over 10 campaigns (1000 email limit). Choose between:

  • Recent customers (20% most recent buyers)
  • Brand followers (people who have clicked “follow” on your brand store)
  • Repeat customers (buyers who have ordered from you more than once in a year)
  • High-spend customers (the 25% highest spending users)

A few things to note about Tailored Audiences:

  • A tailored audience campaign has to have over 100 customers in it
  • Tailored audiences have a 2-week frequency, except for brand followers
  • Brand follower-tailored audiences have a 1-week frequency

Users can opt out of tailored audience emails, and Amazon won’t send the email if the person hasn’t opened or clicked on an Amazon email in the last year. Amazon also won’t send the email if a user hasn’t made an email-based purchase in the last two years. 

This is a great way to learn about brand sentiment, inform brand followers about discounts and new products, and more. We strongly recommend you take advantage of this feature.

Manage Your Experiments

Manage Your Experiments helps you understand your customers and how your listings are perceived by allowing you to split test or run A/B tests on listing content. Introduced in February of 2022, Manage Your Experiments helps you understand the anatomy of your listing and how to tailor the content to your ideal buyers.

This feature is available for brands that see the option in their A+ (EBC) listing section in Seller Central. Not all ASINs are eligible. The content types available for Manage Your Experiments are:

  • Product Titles
  • Product Images
  • Bullet Points
  • A+ Content

You’ll compare reactions to the different versions of your content to decide which represents your product in the best light. Amazon says that this can increase customer interest and sales up to 25%

Amazon will also allow you the “test to significance.” This will be based on user interaction with your listings, instead of a predetermined time frame, so you can run your experiments faster, and get better listings to the consumer world quicker.

It can be difficult to create one listing that is great and compliant with Amazon policy. Creating two can be a challenge, but when you do this, you can see what consumers really want. Note that drastically different listings that are A/B tested will yield more meaningful and clear results. 

Buy With Prime

Originally introduced in the Spring of 2022, Buy With Prime will be available to all US-based merchants by the end of January 2023. In a nutshell, Buy With Prime allows online merchants to add functionality to their DTC websites so that consumers can actually buy products with their Amazon Prime account. When a consumer clicks the “Buy With Prime” button, they are prompted to log into their Amazon account, and then proceed with the purchase.

This program gives shoppers a familiar shopping experience and the shipping times and returns policies they enjoy with Amazon Prime. It benefits sellers and brand owners as well, with some reporting 14% – 25% higher conversion rates while using the option to check out using Buy With Prime. 

There’s an extra special bonus to Buy With Prime – the feature called Reviews from Amazon. This enables Buy With Prime merchants to show their Amazon reviews on their DTC websites. Since many ecommerce stores don’t have reviews enabled on their sites, this is a great way for Amazon sellers with lots of positive reviews to build brand trust and show off their loyal and happy customers. 

Another benefit to Buy With Prime is the fact that you’ll be able to see customer names and email addresses, which will help you build stronger relationships than you’ve been able to build in the past. 

FBA sellers will just use their existing inventory to fulfill Buy With Prime orders. It’s easy to sign up, too – just sign up and link your Seller Central and Amazon Pay accounts to Buy With Prime, and import your catalog. Choose the products you want to include, and then copy and paste the button code provided on your DTC site.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about the advertising opportunity here. When you use Buy With Prime on your DTC website, you can incorporate an Amazon Display Ads strategy that drives traffic to your website by remarketing to audiences on other third-party sites. Insights into demographics, shopping signals, and more, will help guide the right campaigns to make this a successful addition to your ecommerce strategy.


This technically happened in November 2021, but in Spring of 2022, the news broke that Amazon had acquired a UK-based software company named Veeqo. A free shipping software, Veeqo supports other channels other than Amazon, adding a powerful tool to Amazon’s growing arsenal. 

Spokespeople from Amazon have told the press that Amazon is planning to invest in new functionality for Veeqo, facilitating momentum in seller and brand owners’ multi-channel efforts. Veeqo has a stellar reputation for improving customer experience for ecommerce brands, and Amazon, as we know, is all about a customer-first approach. 

These are just a few of the many updates, new features, and new tools Amazon rolled out in 2022. Stay tuned on the Teikametrics blog for more insights and analysis, and let us know which features and tools you most want to learn more about!