Amazon has become more than just a selling platform. For millions of consumers, the Amazon search results page is their first touchpoint with new brands or products. It’s the reason Sponsored Products ads are so effective – today’s consumers are open to unfamiliar brands, but visibility on key search pages is how you actually capture those potential sales.

But true brand-building on Amazon? That requires forming a deeper connection with consumers, and Storefronts, with their more customizable layouts, are the best current example of that on the site. Sponsored Brands ad units marry these two concepts – giving brand-registered sellers prime real estate on key search pages, and directing consumers to the more branded Storefront experience.

The problem? Despite Teikametrics’ algorithmic bidding on Sponsored Products units leading to significantly improved profitability and sales figures, that same technology wasn’t available for bidding on Sponsored Brands units. Until now.

Today, Teikametrics is unveiling the industry’s most advanced algorithmic bidder for Sponsored Brands ad units on Amazon. For brands, this addition of dynamic, profitability-focused bidding technology makes your Sponsored Brands campaigns on Amazon work smarter. By automatically adjusting bids based on competitive pressures while maintaining desired margins or budgets, your Sponsored Brands campaigns will help grow incremental sales without sacrificing profitability.

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For all Teikametrics customers, Sponsored Brands spend and performance is now accessible within the platform, with reporting displayed both individually or in aggregate with Sponsored Products activity. Turning on Sponsored Brands automation is as simple as setting your Maximum Ad Cost per Sale (MACS) and minimum bid across a given campaign. Teikametrics bidding technology then puts those inputs to work – bidding up and winning you Sponsored Brands placements when parameters are met, but dropping out if they are not. You can always adjust these figures to be more or less aggressive depending on business needs.

This granularity of control over Sponsored Brands campaigns is incredibly important because consumers behave differently on Amazon depending on the category they are shopping and even the exact term they search for, a subject Teikametrics studied earlier this year. Your ability to address these differences, with the help of Teikametrics’ algorithmic bidding allowing you to intelligently scale, makes Sponsored Brands campaigns more effective.

The proof? Across an initial group of more than 70 brands, using Flywheel automation for Sponsored Brands drove meaningful improvements in key metrics compared to prior benchmarks for the same Sponsored Brands campaigns:

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