If you know Teikametrics, you know our name is synonymous with the best AI in the business. Now, we’d like to introduce you to our unsung hero: Teikametrics’ Managed Services.

Our team of global experts share the same passions for growing on Amazon and Walmart as our clients. That means no matter where you are, what you want, or when you need it, we have a team member with an intimate understanding of our AI and the major marketplaces ready to help you. 

Let’s provide a peek behind the curtain and teach you about our team, what they do, why they’re leaders, and what makes us different.

A Team of the Best and Brightest

When you use Teikametrics’ Managed Services, you receive industry-leading support because we offer nothing less. Our account managers are chosen for their skills and passion for helping leading brands succeed.

They’re the type of person who loves digging into the data, learning the latest about Amazon and Walmart, and exploring innovative ways to win. From China to Washington, India to Massachusetts, everyone wants to discover new solutions for your problems as quickly and accurately as possible.

A New Hire at a Fraction of the Cost

When choosing Teikametrics’ Managed Services, you get more than a point of contact. You get a new team member who is working as hard for your business as you do. Other organizations do as they are told. Teikametrics’ account managers work in concert with you. They attend meetings, provide valuable insight based on your data and their industry knowledge, and make sure you understand your options.

This client-first approach means you learn more, discover innovations, and grow faster than alone. As the leading technology company in the ecommerce space, you gain access to years of experience and lessons that only come with time.  Every action we take is one that gets you closer to your goal.

The Teikametrics Difference

Teikametrics’ Managed Services excel because they’re a piece of a far greater machine. Our team members work best in concert with one another and our predictive AI. By combining your understanding of your key demographics with our industry expertise, we develop strategies and campaigns that convert.

Artificial intelligence works faster than hordes of humans, allowing us to optimize thousands of listings every single hour. This means your uniquely crafted campaigns are reaching your audience faster than your competition. Unparalleled pricing makes for more efficient budgets and higher ROI.

Greater successes generate variables and more accurate data, which, in turn, creates even more effective campaigns. After all, your Managed Service partner grows with your account. They learn what gaps are in your current approach and how to shore up your plan of attack. Their communication improves to suit your needs and expectations, leading to smoother interactions overall. Truly, they become an extension of your team and your growth.

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