On Amazon today, there is a common thread that connects each of the top performing sellers and brands – the ability to efficiently perform in Amazon’s cost-per-click advertising auctions. The golden equation for Amazon advertising is the value that determines this auction proficiency, and can be simply defined as:

Simplifying the complexity of Amazon advertising can be a daunting task. However, unlocking profitable incremental performance with enterprise-level budgets is a very real outcome when the golden rule for Amazon advertising is applied.

Phi is Golden

Represented by the greek letter phi (φ), the Golden Ratio is the irrational value:

The number has been discovered and rediscovered many times, which is why it has so many names — the Golden equation, the Golden section, divine proportion, etc.

It is a universal principle that has been applied in order to achieve some of the most significant achievements in human history like the Mona Lisa, Parthenon, and Great Pyramids. Also observable in nature, this principle is a law that is not ignored by those attempting to achieve results at the highest level in their relative fields.

Unlocking the Golden Equation for Amazon Advertising

In order to understand the simple methodology that has proven to perform across all pay-per-click advertising landscapes, John Shea, Chief Growth Officer of Teikametrics, explains how to think about this equation in the video below. This primer is designed to provide an easy, real-world framework for effectively deploying large ad budgets on the Amazon advertising platform. You can connect with a member of our team to continue the conversation here.