AI is on everyone’s mind — and for good reason! Whether you need compelling copy, eye-catching artwork, or something to manage your ads, there is a solution for everything. However, brands of every size forget that AI is only as skilled as the person using it. After all, as powerful as AI can be, its full potential can only be activated by the person directing it.

With AI, you can optimize more ads, close more sales, scale your business, and outpace your competition at a fraction of the cost. However, when you combine those capabilities with the skills of an elite team of e-commerce experts, you unlock something special beyond what AI or humans alone can do.

Read on to see how a human hand can improve AI.

Data Aggregation

AI Alone:

AI is a vital resource for ecommerce experts looking to stay competitive thanks to its unique abilities with data aggregation. Some tools use historical data or user input to base their algorithmic advancements, while others have data aggregation capabilities. Utilizing this type of AI saves you from having to stay abreast of data reports and key metrics as the AI pulls it automatically. By reading near real-time data from multiple sources, AI reduces inaccuracies and can help plan and execute more successful strategies. After all, better data makes for better strategies, therefore, lower costs, higher conversions, and faster growth.

Plus Humans:

Adding a human to the mix makes the data aggregation even more powerful. After all, the best data will mean nothing if you don’t know how to use it. People can read, break down, and interpret whatever information the tool pulls, gaining access to unexpected yet key insights and strategies. Even better, people can explain where AI cannot. A skilled analyst can teach you how to better understand your own data. Analysts are adept at teaching your team to interpret information and better craft strategies around it.

Multiple Marketplace Mastery

AI Alone:

AI can help brands of every size excel in their preferred marketplace. Marketplaces like Amazon may have their own in-market AI resource to help brands automate their experience. Others, like Walmart do not at this time. Either way, these platforms and others allow API integration for external AI tools to benefit sellers.

AI takes advantage of tools provided by Amazon and Walmart to maximize performance by automatically adjusting bids, prices, keywords, and more, leading to better results and more straightforward campaigns.

Plus Humans:

Whereas AI can only execute, human beings can read between the lines of data and performance to discover new strategies and troubleshoot problems. Based on their experience, people can help grow your audience, improve your ROI, or maximize your budget based on your unique case and the needs of the marketplace(s) you are using.

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