We all know it’s approaching! Amazon Prime Day is slated for July 16th and 17th, 2024. Prime Day has become one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Amazon shoppers flock to the marketplace for the best deals, which is known for the best deals, especially across consumer tech, apparel, household goods and appliances, and more. 

To capture this increase in demand, sellers have long advertised on Amazon. However, as evidenced by our Prime Day Benchmark Report, advertising spending spikes on Prime Day, and the marketplace is flooded with brands and sellers trying to get in front of their shoppers. 

And while we have plenty of insights on how to best optimize your advertising dollars on Amazon for Prime Day, there is a step further sellers can take to beat the competition: TikTok! 

Can TikTok Boost Prime Day Sales?

Videos tagged with #primeday and related hashtags were viewed 400 million times for the 2023 Prime Day deals. This is a new trend – in 2019, there were virtually zero views on similar videos. Consumers are looking for Amazon deals the way they prefer – scrolling through TikTok videos rather than searching on Amazon. 

TikTok is a great channel for discovery, especially during Prime Day when TikTok users are also looking to be shoppers. So, how can sellers get noticed?

How to Go Viral on TikTok

Luckily for sellers, TikTok is the “easiest” platform to go viral on, as exposure to your content is not reliant on you having followers. With TikTok’s For You Page (FYP), users are shown content based on an algorithm of what TikTok thinks they’ll enjoy most, without requiring the user to follow that account. There is additionally a “Following” page in which you can see content from only people you are following, but the majority of users primarily use the FYP. 

Without that barrier, it’s much easier to gain exposure. So once you are set up on TikTok, you can go viral the same day, in theory. But still, you can’t just throw anything together and call it content. How can brands do it? 


To gain organic traction, you should think about what type of content works on TikTok. How-to videos are the most popular type of content, but there are also viral dances, viral songs, video trends, and other ways you can get noticed. Find a trend that fits your brand’s voice and feels natural to incorporate your product into. Create the content, and TikTok will show that content to accounts that they think would find it interesting. 

When you’re creating content, keep these tips in mind: 

  • Be authentic to your brand and voice, find natural ways to promote your brand or product without being too salesy
  • Encourage user-generated content through challenges, engagements, and trends
  • Engage! Interact with your comments, similar videos, and followers to get noticed

Use hashtags to further inform TikTok’s algorithm what type of content you are making – don’t spam hashtags or viewers will see what you’re doing. Use 2 or 3 hashtags relevant to the video, trend, or product to find the right audience. For Prime Day specifically, flaunt your deals with the hashtags #PrimeDay #PrimeDay2024, or #PrimeDayDeals. 


TikTok additionally allows accounts to boost their profile. You can choose to advertise with TikTok in a variety of ways, including boosting specific videos within the feed. Consider investing in advertising on TikTok specifically for Prime Day to bolster traffic to your page and content. 

Additionally, work with influencers. You can work with numerous influencers, from very big topics like fashion or tech, or very niche topics, like pearl jewelry or wireless headphones. Again, you want to stay true to your brand and work with influencers who fit your voice and your aesthetic. You don’t want to pay big money for a huge influencer that won’t resonate with your brand or product. 

In no time, you can rule Prime Day across channels, from Amazon to TikTok. For more information on how to win on TikTok Advertising, visit our guide, How to Attract 1+ Billion Shoppers on TikTok.