TikTok is the platform for growing your audience and extending your reach, no matter your brand’s size or industry. Not only is it one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, it is boosting its support for sellers of every size.

So you can take advantage of these stellar trends, here’s a list of TikTok tips to boost your performance and grow your business with a potential audience of over al billion shoppers:

Know Your Goals

As with any campaign, know your goals before you even open the TikTok app. What do you want to get out of your efforts on this platform? Grow an audience? Increase sales? Increase your brand awareness?

Depending on your goal, you will want to optimize your profile and landing pages accordingly. This means consistency with branding, images, style, and purpose of your campaign.

Create Content for TikTok

While this may feel obvious, the type of content that performs best on TikTok is that which is made specifically for the platform. Brands handicap themselves by repurposing content from other platforms, like Facebook or Instagram. TikTok users are savvy and know when content is not native to the website and subconsciously scroll passed it. Keep them glued to your brand by creating media that speaks to them in the language of the platform and you’ll see your performance improve.

Follow the Trends

Like many other social media sites, TikTok is a fast-moving society with its own culture, trends, in-jokes, and style. You can expand your influence by finding a niche in one of TikTok’s subcultures. However, it is not recommended to go in and promote your products. Each community has their own voice and style. Learn to “speak the language” to connect with your audience more naturally and convey your messages more effectively.

Use the Music

One of TikTok’s biggest advantages is the music or sounds users can add to their videos. This is the main way users find videos to watch as well as gain opportunities for virality. Trending sounds can give insight into what audiences value, helping you craft better strategies to make them convert. A word of warning for business accounts — you will not have access to the same sounds as users, as your pool is more limited.

As a bonus to this tip: couple your sounds with popular filters to ensure you stop the scroll and get more eyes on your videos.

Producing Good Content

Good content for TikTok mostly follows the same process as other platforms:

  • Ensure your video is clear
  • Audio quality should be high, if users would like the option
  • Subtitles are a must for users who do not

If you’re looking to excel on TikTok, you need a hook. The first three seconds of any video is the make or break moment regarding retention. Use movement, statistics, or a surprising fact to draw in the viewer. Keep them around with movement whether they are transitions or an animated speaker. Marrying this approach with well-crafted copy can help you succeed even further. Scripting videos ahead of time is invaluable to making this approach work, which is why we recommend avoiding improvisation during recording.

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