If you want to succeed on Amazon, you must be fast — updating your listings, prices, ads, and more based on customer activity, shopper interest, seasonality, and industry trends. But can a seller be too fast?

With the onset of AI tools, updating your catalog more frequently seems like an easy way to boost your performance on Amazon. Still, there’s a limit to the effectiveness and legitimacy of your updates. We want to save you the trouble and prevent any misconceptions about why hourly updates are the most effective rate for your Amazon performance.

How Frequent is Too Frequent?

Our extensive work with Amazon sellers and large brands has shown us that hourly updates are the best-performing rate for optimizing and adjusting your catalog. Anything more often than that begins to handicap your performance. You cannot gain accurate data to inform future endeavors and would most likely be erratic in performance, at best.

Amazon Only Allows for Hourly Updates

We hate to see sellers of all sizes be misled. If any company or AI tool claims to be able to update your ads and products meaningfully, more frequently than every hour, this may not be the case.

The best updates and optimizations are based on the most up-to-date information available. With that in mind, Amazon’s API only sends new data points every hour. That is the fastest that current technology allows for, meaning anything more often than that is guessing, while anything slower is using outdated information. Because e-commerce is such a fast-paced industry, shoppers and sellers experience major changes hour to hour.

When you’re vetting tools to help you maximize your performance on Amazon, keep in mind the validity of their statements and the efficacy of their products. At Teikametrics, we’re always improving our AI to serve you better and optimize every aspect of your e-commerce efforts. Experience the difference with a free demo webinar.