If you’re an Amazon seller, you’re no stranger to the Amazon sales rank. However, do you understand how it really works? What does it mean for you? How can you better leverage it to increase sales? 

We’re breaking down everything you need to know to make sure you’re maximizing your performance on Amazon and reaching rank #1, so read on!

What is Amazon sales rank?

Amazon sales rank is a metric that indicates popularity, or how well a product is selling. Every hour, Amazon tallies the times a product was sold in a given category. The more often an item is sold, the lower its number. The lower the number, the better the sales rank. For example, a product with a sales rank of 1 is the best-selling product in its category.

Amazon updates sales rank hourly. Therefore, if a product sells well in a particular hour, its sales rank improves, and if it doesn’t sell well, its sales rank drops. It’s important to note that sales rank doesn’t take into account the number of units sold. It only considers the number of sales made within the given time period. With that in mind, sales rank can fluctuate throughout the day, depending on when customers are purchasing.

How does Amazon sales rank affect seller performance?

Sales rank affects seller performance in several ways. First, it affects the visibility of a product. Products with better sales ranks are more visible to customers because they appear higher in search results. 

Second, it affects the Buy Box. This is the area on the product detail page where customers can start the purchasing process by adding items to their cart. Amazon awards the Buy Box to the seller with the best price, fulfillment method, and customer service. Products with better sales ranks are more likely to win, as well.

Third, Amazon sales rank affects the Best Sellers List. The Best Sellers List is a list of the top 100 products in each category. Products with better sales ranks appear on the Best Sellers List, which further improves their visibility and increases their sales.

What affects a sales rank?

Several factors affect your Amazon sales rank. The most important factor is sales velocity. Sales velocity is the rate at which a product sells. The faster a product sells, the better its sales rank. 

Similarly, reviews play a significant role in improving your sales rank. The more positive reviews a product has, the better its sales rank. Amazon also heavily weighs the quality of reviews. Products with more detailed and helpful reviews perform better than those with short and unhelpful reviews, so be sure to keep it in balance.

Price is also an important factor that affects your sales rank. Products with competitive prices perform better than those that cost more. However, lowering your price too much can negatively affect your profit margins.

How to improve your Amazon sales rank?

Improving your Amazon sales rank requires a multi-faceted approach. Here are some tips to help you improve your sales rank:

  1. Optimize your product listing: A well-optimized product listing can improve your visibility and increase your sales. Make sure your product title, description, and images accurately represent your product.
  2. Use Amazon advertising: Amazon advertising can increase your visibility and sales. Consider using Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display ads to promote your products.
  3. Encourage customer reviews: Remember to send requests to customers to leave reviews. Also, providing excellent customer service inherently encourages positive reviews.
  4. Offer competitive pricing: Offer competitive prices to attract more customers. Use tools like Amazon’s Buy Box algorithm to determine the best price for your product.
  1. Fulfill orders quickly: Fulfilling orders quickly can improve your sales velocity, which can positively impact your sales rank. Consider using Fulfillment by Amazon to improve your fulfillment speed and increase your chances of winning the Buy Box.
  2. Expand your product line: Expanding your product line can help you increase your sales and improve your overall sales rank. Consider adding related products or complementary products to your existing line to appeal to a broader customer base.

How to avoid penalties?

Amazon has strict policies that sellers must follow to avoid penalties and continue improving sales rank for all their products.

  1. Follow Amazon’s policies: Make sure to read and follow Amazon’s policies regarding product listings, customer service, and shipping.
  2. Don’t engage in fraudulent activities: Amazon doesn’t tolerate fraudulent activities like fake reviews or manipulating sales rank. Avoid these practices at all costs.
  3. Handle customer complaints promptly: Handle customer complaints promptly and professionally.
  4. Monitor your inventory levels: Make sure to monitor your inventory levels regularly to avoid running out of stock. After all, if you have no products to sell, your sales velocity and rank will decrease.

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