Walmart Connect continues to show its commitment to sellers of all sizes with their new brand term targeting feature. This is just another way sellers can improve their listing and ad opportunities to provide their best products to their preferred audience. Here’s what you need to know:

What is Brand Term Targeting?

Brand term targeting is a new feature for Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Videos campaigns focused on new customer acquisition and another way to maintain their space in their category.

Brand term targeting on Walmart Connect allows both suppliers and sellers to bid on keywords competitors use for their brands and products. This, in turn, gets their brand in front of shoppers with a strong interest in the competition. Businesses of all sizes can use brand term targeting to bid on their own brand and products to prevent other users from gaining their market share.

What are the Major Benefits?

Walmart Connect’s brand term targeting has a wealth of benefits for businesses of all sizes. This extended reach can help sellers convert new customers while protecting — if not growing — their market share. It is also a boon for user experience as it allows customers discover new brands and products that they’ll love to use (like yours!).

Current Exclusions

While massively beneficial, brand term targeting is only available for some users as of now. Walmart private labels are not eligible for this feature. Advertisers may not bid on private label brand terms, while private labels cannot bid on advertisers’ terms.

Best Practices for Walmart Connect Brand Term Targeting

Walmart Connect understands the competitive nature of the current e-commerce landscape and wants to help sellers succeed. That’s why we have some best practices so you can bring your brand to new heights.

Firstly, it’s important to understand why you should be taking advantage of brand term targeting. Customers often come to Walmart looking for specific brands. However, many customers are also open to discovering new brands and products. According to research performed by Walmart Connect, 58% of customers surveyed say they will spend more time looking for a discount due to inflation, and 54% are open to switching brands. 

Whether you’re looking to outpace your competition and win new customers or secure your position in your category, we recommend:

  • Understand your competition
    • Knowing other sellers’ positioning and products helps you realize who may try to muscle into your territory and find new ways to reach your preferred audience.
  • Maintain relevancy
    • If your brand term targeting ads are not targeting relevant keywords, you will be wasting potential to improve your standing in the market.
  • Utilize Brand Shop URLs
    • Funneling shoppers to your Brand Shop can help provide a cohesive experience while highlighting your strengths in a clear and effective way.
  • Optimize budgets
    • Monitoring your campaigns for effectiveness and relevance can help you allocate funds toward successful ads, thus increasing your overall ROI.
  • Keep pricing competitive
    • The last thing you want is to gain attention from your target audience only to lose the sale due to a more competitively priced product. Consistently review and optimize your prices to keep conversion rates high.
  • Leverage automatic targeting
    • Automating targeting for brand term targeting campaigns can maximize exposure and ensure your products appear where they are best presented.

Brand term targeting is a fantastic new feature for sellers using Walmart Connect. We hope this list has helped you maximize your potential for all your future campaigns. Happy selling!