Prefer to learn by watching a webinar? Check out the replay of the Grow Your Amazon Business webinar to hear Emma explain how to optimize your Amazon listings.

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to co-present a webinar with Emma Schermer Tamir from Marketing By Emma. While I shared my expertise about Amazon advertising, she brought her deep knowledge about Amazon listings. One of the awesome things about this webinar was that I got to increase my own knowledge about listing optimization by listening to Emma’s advice and experience. 

Growing your Amazon business requires advertising, but if your listings aren’t optimized you’re naturally reducing the conversion rate of consumers that do visit your product page. That has wide-ranging implications in terms of wasted ad spend and getting the Amazon flywheel moving in the right direction. So it makes sense to spend some time getting listings right. 

Here are my top takeaways about listing optimization that I gleaned from working with Emma and listening to her speak on this webinar:

  • Listings help with reviews. Carefully developed listings can improve reviews. If you’re painting a clear picture of what your product is, then customers can make an informed decision. That way when they receive the product they are well aware of what they can expect. Even if there’s something not great about your product, perhaps the lack of a feature that may be prevalent across some of your competitors, including that detail in the listing can help to build trust. 
  • Have a keyword strategy. When you’re creating a title and listing it’s important to have a good keyword strategy, which also means not stuffing the listing unnaturally with keywords. Do what you need to do from an SEO perspective with the keywords, but also create a piece of marketing content that’s going to be compelling to your customers. Think about how to weave the keywords in so that they’re a natural part of the product description.
  • Incorporate text into images. Images are great for conveying details about the product and how to use them. In lifestyle images, including a small amount of text can help customers to interpret the picture in the way that you intend. The text can summarize the point of the photo or key benefits of your product. Don’t cram your photo with text, just include enough to help people understand your value proposition.
  • Be thoughtful with bullet points. Use the bullet points to feature the five most important attributes of your product. Instead of cramming in tons of text, or a bland list of features, focus on highlighting the benefits of each feature for the consumer. Use capitalization strategically to build excitement through the bullet points.

Taking the time to optimize your listings will make your advertising more effective and powerful, so you can grow your sales and profitability. While you need to take into account how Amazon’s A9 algorithm will interact with the listings, it’s incredibly important to also think about actual humans will experience reading and viewing your listing.