What do you do when out of the blue someone emails you from Kuwait to ask for a custom design bulk order of your brand new product? 

What if when you get the email requesting a custom bulk order from Kuwait you’ve never fulfilled a bulk order in your life? Or an international order? Or even written an invoice?

A Bias Toward Action

If you’re an entrepreneur you have a bias toward action. When you get the email you don’t add international fulfillment to your list of topics to research eventually. You don’t wait until you can afford to hire someone to handle bulk orders.

You seize the opportunity. You put one foot in front of the other and even though the day before you never even thought of solving this problem, today you solve it. 

You send the bulk order. To Kuwait. With all the right paperwork. Including the invoice. For which you’ve decided on bulk pricing. 

And if you’re lucky, you don’t lose money on the deal.

An Entrepreneur’s Story

This exact situation with the email from Kuwait is just one true story from Ryan Goldstein’s experience launching his ecommerce brand.

Ryan chose to be vulnerable as he took his business from a concept to its first sale and beyond. He published regular blog posts detailing the challenges of his business. 

He described new problems that he faced, many of them problems he’d never faced before. He detailed solutions he tried. Sometimes the solutions flopped. Sometimes they soared.

The Feelings of Freedom and Ownership

Now, we’ve curated those blog posts into one gripping story of how Ryan left his corporate job to take an entrepreneurial leap because he wanted the freedom to build something of his own. He took this leap because he wanted the thrill that comes from starting your own business. 

Ryan wrote about that feeling of pride that comes from creating something truly your own, even if it starts small, going from idea to reality.

“When I see a product that I created in the hands of other people, that’s what keeps me motivated to continue building my own business.”

Ryan told his launch story in his blogs, but there was something missing from the original story. It left off just as he was starting to consider expanding from selling only on his own website onto the Amazon marketplace. A cliffhanger! 

New Never-Before-Seen Amazon Story

What happened when Ryan launched his products on Amazon? We sat down with him and got the whole story. That story now serves as the final chapter in this incredibly heartfelt, comical, and true ebook.

Read the whole story from what sparked the idea to what made Amazon a successful sales channel for him when you download the brand new ebook Ryan Goldstein’s Ecommerce Brand Launch Story.

Watch the Brand Launch Course

Some readers will remember Ryan Goldstein from his Ecommerce Brand Launch course. That course has now been consolidated into a single video. Watch it today for advice from Ryan on topics like setting goals, iterating on designs, and diversifying sales channels.

What Are You Waiting For?

Read the ebook and get inspired to act on that entrepreneurial voice you’ve been hearing inside yourself.