In the current landscape of e-commerce, everyone is focused on the newest technology and platforms: TikTok, AI, and the like. However, there is an underutilized resource at your fingertips that is critical to your success: people. People still have significant skills and abilities over technology, and we’re digging into why they’re essential below, so read on!

Their Relationship with You

First and foremost, you can create connections with members of another team. People are able to understand your position, uncover details for you, and grow with you. AI, on the other hand, is simply a tool. While powerful, AI only implements and builds off of the data it is given. It cannot make interpretations, take logical leaps, or talk to you about your future goals and desires.

A skilled team goes beyond a tool’s usefulness. They become a part of your business, a new perspective focused solely on your growth.

Their Relationship with Marketplaces

In addition to partnering with your team, e-commerce professionals have working relationships with Amazon and Walmart. Their experience can help you glean inside information about the marketplaces to which you would otherwise lack access. Additionally, if you need support from people at Amazon or Walmart, e-commerce experts can leverage their standing to get you the answers and results you need to succeed.

They Can Maximize Technology’s Potential

Here’s the secret: people make AI more powerful. By hiring a team instead of just using a tool, you often get to work with the creators of the software who know it inside and out. They can maximize the performance of your campaigns, helping you reach your goals faster. If you were to come across any errors, challenges, or problems, you’re not stuck troubleshooting by yourself. Instead, you access the people who are going to fix it as soon as possible.

They Provide Clear Communication and Reporting

You can speak with people, not a tool. That means you will experience much-improved communication and reporting experiences. Communication is easier because you already have an established relationship with clear points of contact for any campaign changes, improvements, or questions.

With AI, reports are auto-generated data sheets. With a team of industry experts, they can go through the reports with you. They will answer any questions you may have, explain the importance of your key data points, and uncover opportunities you might miss by looking at the reports alone. At Teikametrics, we know the power of humans + AI. And we want to share it with you. Check out the difference in a free demo webinar.