Amazon & Walmart Pro Managed Services

We manage your day-to-day advertising. You grow your business.

Let us do the heavy lifting with advertising account management for Amazon & Walmart


Your Walmart & Amazon Advertising. Optimized.

The account management you need to drive results on the most valuable marketplaces

Day-to-Day Operations

Take back your valuable time. Your account manager will ensure your ads are optimized and firing on all cylinders, every minute of every day.

Artificial Intelligence

Compete at the highest (and fastest) level possible with our proprietary goal-based artificial intelligence algorithms.

Account Management

Your account manager will provide weekly email updates, monthly check-in reviews, and will ensure your ads are always hitting your core KPIs.

We do the work, you see the results

Breathe easier.
We’ll do the hard work.

You’ve got your job to do. Ours is to take e-commerce ad management off your plate, so you can get back to what you do best.

Save hours of time a day with our comprehensive advertising management for Amazon & Walmart
Keep in the know with weekly activity updates (email) and monthly check-ins
Stay ahead while we optimize your keywords, budgets, bids, and product lifecycles
Teikametrics Flywheel for Pro Services

Teikametrics AI advertising optimization platform

Our experts leverage the Teikametrics Flywheel platform to drive sales growth and ad efficiency beyond human capabilities.

Algorithmic hourly bidding to capture sales at the best price possible, at any time of day
Automated keyword actions optimized to audience-type and campaign efficiency targets
Goal-based campaign creation targeted at product launch, growth, and profitability objectives

“Mark Cuban Companies managing director introduced us to Teikametrics. I did a little research and was sold within about 20 minutes.”

Caleb Light
Power Practical
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Our results are what make customers for life

increase in total sales yoy
increase in total sales
increase in ad sales

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Pro Managed Services

The services you need to stay ahead

Discovery & Onboarding

We’ll learn your business objectives, product catalog, and audit your campaigns to set you up for success. You’ll receive personalized training on the Flywheel platform to leverage our powerful reporting capabilities.

Campaign Development

With AI-driven, goal-based campaign creation, we’re the only solution provider who leverages product and ad performance data to build efficient campaigns for every stage of the product lifecycle.

Account Management

With ongoing optimization and monitoring, your account manager ensures your advertising is always working towards your goals. With our in-app reporting, weekly activity updates, and monthly check-ins, you’ll have full visibility into performance.

Drive serious results,
without the effort

We’re your partner in success. Let us show you how our marketplace expertise and AI technology can drive results for you and your brand.

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