Teikametrics came in with a very clear perspective on how to drive brand growth on Amazon, powerful AI systems and a strong managed services team. They quickly delivered results above and beyond what our prior vendor was able to achieve and established themselves as a strategic partner. I don’t consider them to be a vendor, I consider them an extension of our direct team.
Director of Performance Marketing | Nutribullet

Business Overview

NutriBullet is the leading personal blender brand with over 40 million customers worldwide. Their Magic Bullet and NutriBullet NBR blenders currently rank #1 and #2 in the “Countertop Blenders” sub-category on Amazon.

The Problem

With 80 percent of shoppers using Amazon to discover new products and brands, NutriBullet wanted to ensure that it was reaching new customers as they searched for blenders. But they lacked the data, technology, and internal resources needed to develop a campaign strategy that drove incremental sales while still converting existing customers and improving efficiency.

The Solution

With the strength of NutriBullet’s brand, Teikametrics saw that NutriBullet had a huge opportunity to drive incremental sales through different targeting approaches. However, the initial campaign set up and reporting didn’t allow for that level of granularity. With a full campaign restructure, AI-powered bidding, and the Teika Methodology, Teikametrics was able to achieve NutriBullet’s efficiency and growth targets, while saving them hours of account management time per week.

The combination of Teikametrics’ data-driven approach and analyst guidance allowed NutriBullet to continually measure the true lift of its Amazon Advertising and uncover opportunities for future growth.

Performance Results

Shipped COGS vs. Ad Spend YOY

Consistent Shipped COGS growth while decreasing ad spend year-over-year, keeping TACoS consistently lower than 2018.

The goal here is to keep the red bar (ad spend) and purple line (TACoS) below zero, while keeping Shipped COGS (blue bar) above zero.

The team at NutriBullet is incredibly sharp and data-driven. We understood their objective was to use advertising to increase overall sales on Amazon, so we rebuilt their entire advertising structure to improve bid control, established differential efficiency targets for brand vs. non-brand search terms, and then activated Teikametrics’ powerful bidding engine. Over nine months we continually measured success and optimized spend based on overall shipped COGS, instead of just ad-attributed revenue or ACoS. By following our proven process and leveraging our technology, we were able to generate quick results. With our strategy, we were able to decrease the spend on branded terms by 61.5% in the first 90 days of our partnership compared to the previous 90 days.
Lead Ecommerce Strategist | Teikametrics