Executive Summary

Boss Audio Systems wanted to expand their reach to Walmart.com, but were overwhelmed by two key factors:

  • Cost of entry
  • A team too small to manage 500 concurrent campaigns

By partnering with Teikametrics, Boss Audio gained access to industry-leading AI Technology which automatically optimized their campaigns, as well as Teikametrics team of experts which opened avenues to Walmart’s beta programs, helping them strategize and execute, ultimately increasing ad sales by 146% and increasing YOY growth by more than 1,000%.

There are a lot of successes that we’ve been seeing since we started working with Teikametrics. First of all, we have an awesome account manager and account analyst, He does more than organize our campaigns — he has initiated a lot of ideas, from content organization to pinpointing and implementing daily adjustments. Working with him is the best part, because he’s a team member, too. He helps our overall business run better, not just advertising performance, but as an overall business.
Laura Chen, eCommerce Product Launch Manager


While Boss Audio Systems was able to grow their business successfully on Amazon, Walmart.com was proving to be a more challenging marketplace. Boss Audio understood the importance of a multichannel approach, but at $50-100 per campaign, the minimum spend on Walmart was significantly higher than their current results were warranting. Additionally, they were looking to place over 500 campaigns on the marketplace, a volume that their current team could not manage efficiently.

To help them find success quickly, Walmart provided Boss Audio with a list of partners, atop of which was Teikametrics. Having worked together previously to grow their presence on Amazon, Boss Audio knew about the power of industry-leading technology and AI-powered campaign management.

In the new phase of their partnership, Boss Audio wanted to scale sales without overextending their in-house team. Their current capacity had allowed them to experiment with the Walmart Fulfillment System (WFS), but not to a level that represented their entire 500-item catalog. To achieve their desired growth, Boss Audio would improve current listings and add new products, while Teikametrics implemented country- and product-specific campaigns using their combination of AI technology and expert-led services.


Not only did Boss Audio Systems have an extensive catalog of products that needed unique positioning in different countries, they wanted to scale their business to grow even further.  Teikametrics was tasked with carving a niche for Boss Audio, to establish a foothold in a way that fostered growth without requiring additional resources.

To maximize performance, Teikametrics gained access to Walmart’s newly-implemented advertising API for third-party sellers. With this capability, Teikametrics leveraged Flywheel 2.0’s next-gen AI technology to implement campaign creation, keyword targeting, and bid optimization. Working at superhuman levels, Flywheel 2.0 automated a 5:1 campaign structure. While Boss Audio’s human team was struggling to maintain one campaign per product, Teikametrics provided five campaigns per product while ensuring optimal spend for brand, competitor, and generic search terms across all ad types in every country/region Walmart supports.

To keep campaigns as productive as possible, Teikametrics team members reviewed and maintained Flywheel 2.0 performance, adjusting and improving based on KPIs set by Boss Audio. Additionally, they delivered custom reports to Boss, so their team had an understanding of performance and could integrate the metrics into existing reporting.

Teikametrics went above and beyond, becoming an extension of Boss Audio’s marketing team. Their dedicated analyst sat in meetings to discuss overarching goals for the brand, including off-marketplace entities, providing a complete understanding of the businesses needs and success metrics.


After we started our collaboration, we immediately saw the success of Teikametrics AI-driven technology.
Laura Chen, eCommerce Product Launch Manager

Boss Audio Systems saw their total ad sales increase by 146% while maintaining a healthy 11.9% ACOS  as a result of Teikametrics’ partnership, powerful AI technology, and expert analyst team. Impressively, within one year of Teikametrics ad management, Boss Audio achieved 1,000%+ year-over-year growth.

In addition, Boss Audio’s team and business started working smoother and expanding faster than ever, creating a positive work environment where they could focus on new developments and new markets.