DIRTEA, a competitive player in the herbal supplement space, needed to gain market share while maintaining a healthy return on ad spend (ROAS). Despite having a limited budget, they needed to gain ground to overcome a larger competitor.


Increase impressions and conversions on Amazon while keeping the cost-per-click (CPC) below £3.00.


This Way Up, the agency supporting DIRTEA,  used Teikametrics’ AI-powered bidding alongside a strategic approach to keywords. Through keyword research, harvesting, and employing a Value-Based Bidder, they identified the most relevant search terms for DIRTEA. This ensured they reached the right audience while keeping their advertising spend in check. By focusing on these keywords and setting ACoS targets with minimum and maximum bids, they optimized their reach and conversions within budget constraints.


A comprehensive keyword research strategy was implemented to achieve targeted market acquisition. This involved identifying a robust set of terms perfectly aligned with the target audience’s search intent. Next, a data-driven bidding framework was established, incorporating an ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) target alongside minimum and maximum bids. This structure allowed for controlled adjustments based on campaign performance. DIRTEA could secure top positions on the first page for relevant keywords by strategically increasing bids within these parameters. This approach maximized ad visibility and ultimately drove conversions.


  • More than 50% increase on Top of Search for most important search term
  • 32% increase in CPC 
  • 39% increase in monthly orders