Best investment I’ve ever made! The money our company spends on the cost of Teikametrics services is worth every penny… I asked for a partnership, wanted a family feel to our relationship not just business. And I GOT IT!!!
ANTHONY LEWIS (Founder | Eternal Essence Oils)

The Company

Anthony Lewis founded Eternal Essence Oils a decade ago when Amazon was expanding its assortment and there was a lot of opportunity on the marketplace. Eternal Essence Oils, which offers premium fragrance oils, has grown to the point that Anthony was able to quit his day job in custom construction and hire workers to help run and continue to expand the business.

The Challenge

Eternal Essence Oils faces a lot of competition on Amazon. They tried to utilize advertising to beat the competition to top of search, but the ads they were running themselves were inefficient. They were wasting spend with inexpertly structured campaigns and missing out on major branding opportunities.

The Solution

Teikametrics implemented a 4:1 structure for Sponsored Products campaigns, directing spend away from inefficient automatic campaigns. The analyst team also used insights from Teikametrics Flywheel 2.0 Market Intelligence to add product targeting and Sponsored Brands to increase brand awareness and claim more market share on Amazon. Anthony has been able to focus on other parts of his business, knowing he can trust Teikametrics to effectively manage advertising

Performance Results

Year-over-year Eternal Essence Oils grew sales by 98% while improving efficiency with ACOS down 24%.

The Future

Anthony is looking to further grow his business, and the future is bright for Eternal Essence Oils. The company recently launched 40 new natural products and relied on Teikametrics’ product launch strategy to achieve top placements. They’re even exploring expanding to new marketplaces in 2022.

Advertising optimization combined with shelf analytics was the winning holistic combination for Eternal Essence Oils
Senior Ecommerce Analyst | Teikametrics