Teikametrics has definitely made the management of our Amazon advertising better. By combining the convenience of managing keywords and bids, along with being able to track our ongoing results, Teikametrics has given us more control over our Amazon advertising than we’ve ever had before.

Teikametrics’ Managed Accelerator Program

Who is Fin Fun?

When Fin Fun’s founder crafted the first mermaid tail for her granddaughter back in 2009, a unique company was born. From that day onward, Fin Fun’s mission has been to provide quality products that promote creativity and active play in a safe and fun way for kids and adults of all ages.

With customers spanning the globe, Fin Fun has established itself as the premier destination for fabric mermaid tails. Aspiring mermaids have come to rely on Fin Fun for the brand’s innovative patterns and designs, earning the company a National Parenting Center seal of approval, along with a place on Inc.’s list of the 500 fastest-growing businesses.

Fin Fun has been an Amazon 3P seller for over five years and sells both domestically and on eight international Amazon marketplaces.

What problems were they facing?

Fin Fun’s US sales were no longer growing at the rate that they had been, and that trend was continuing in 2019 due to new off-brand competition and a reduced level of consumer interest in the core product line.

Initially, all Amazon advertising had been done in house, but they quickly understood that they could benefit from outside help. Before trying Teikametrics they decided to hire a small consulting agency to manage their Amazon advertising manually. Unfortunately, the agency was unable to give them the results nor the insights needed to understand and improve their performance. During this time, they also realized they wanted to regain a degree of control over their ads themselves.

Why did they partner with Teikametrics?

Fin Fun understood that to succeed with Amazon advertising on their own, they needed more expertise, help following best practices, and proficiency and confidence in an algorithmic automation tool to help identify and quickly take advantage of new market opportunities. Fin Fun ultimately chose to move forward with Teikametrics because of the software’s ease of use and functionality, allowing the brand to gauge each individual marketplace’s ad performance, down to the most granular of details.

What was their experience with Teikametrics’ Managed Accelerator Program?

To get Fin Fun up and running using Teikametrics’ Managed Accelerator framework, Teikametrics’ team of analysts started with an initial audit of Fin Fun’s Amazon advertising account, meetings to understand core business strategies and goals, and a plan to rework existing campaigns to best practices. Over the next three months, Teikametrics’ Customer Success Manager provided detailed briefings on the fundamentals of Amazon advertising with the Fin Fun team, along with core use cases of the Teikametrics platform. This included reworking major section of Fin Fun’s ampaign catalog based on product categories, price, and keyword strategy. Everyweek the Teikametrics and Fin Fun teams reviewed all managed US, Canada, and five EU marketplaces’ metrics, updated MACS (Max Ad Cost per Sale) targets based on performance and market insights, and continued to drill down into the tool’s functionality. From about week nine onward, Fin Fun took control of the ads themselves and managed the accounts directly, having Teikametrics available as a safety net whenever they encountered gaps in their knowledge. By week twelve, they had the experience and knowledge needed to fully manage their own Amazon ads.

What was thWhat results did they achieve?

Not only did Fin Fun improve sales and profits over their 3 months in Teikametrics’ Managed Accelerator Program, they also decreased TACoS (Total Ad Cost of Sale) from 9.2% to 4.6%, reducing their reliance on advertising sales through higher organic sales.