GoPlus Home Goods

Timeframe: 3/13/20-5/2/20

Eficient sales growth justifies a 4x budget increase after two weeks to double down on volume growth

Advertising Goal

Drive sales and improve ROAS

Problem and Solution

GoPlus was looking to scale its furniture business on using Sponsored Products, but needed a partner to help them do so eficiently across their entire product catalog. After a careful search across each of Walmart’s API partners, GoPlus chose Teikametrics and launched in March 2020.

Advertising Strategy

At launch, Teikametrics created a multi-faceted campaign structure for the client’s entire 220-item product catalog. This approach used broad and phrase match keywords to identify opportunities, and exact match to capitalize on key terms with historically good performance. Within 2 weeks, Teikametrics approach resulted in GoPlus exceeding their ROAS goal, allowing the company to 4X their monthly ad budget. Teikametrics then leveraged bid multipliers on top-performing Walmart platforms to utilize additional budget and drive incremental volume.

Teikametrics Enables Scale