Brand Category: Baby

Timeframe: 4/1/20-5/31/20

Teikametrics’ performance driving high ROAS justifies a 3x budget increase after 2 month

Advertising Goal

Improve ROAS

Advertising Strategy

In late March, Teikametrics launched campaigns for 47 items. While the client hit their ROAS goal in the first week, half of the monthly budget had been exhausted, and with COVID-induced supply chain issues, the client pushed for reduced budget over the following weeks.

Revising the strategy to conform with the new budget, the Teikametrics team narrowed the number of items in campaigns and focused on specific keywords demonstrating historically good performance for those items. The result was a ROAS of more than 30, even with the reduced spend. Given this success, the client increased their budget for June – December by 200% in order to double down and further increase profitable sales