The Goal

Grow sales while reducing spend allocated to auto campaigns, without losing out on the keyword discovery auto campaigns provide.

The Action

Teikametrics created Brand and Generic campaigns using broad match terms which had performed well in automatic campaigns. Exact matches were added as negative keywords to prevent bidding overlaps.

Igloo operates in a fiercely competitive market, and our approach to Amazon advertising needed to shift in order to drive efficient growth. We worked with Teikametrics’ analyst team to quickly diagnose what was holding us back, and adapt our larger Amazon advertising practices to match this goal. The results, in terms of dramatically improved ROAS and total sales growth, speak for themselves.
Logan Grimet
Ecommerce Sales Specialist | Igloo

Performance Results

Ad sales increased 97.8% while spend decreased 66.4%, resulting in a ROAS increase of 489%. At the same time, total sales increased 48.9% period over period.

Period over Period Comparison (June 20 – July 17, 2021 vs. August 1 – 28, 2021
Igloo hit a point where it was clear their auto campaigns were particularly costly and not very efficient. To help, Teikametrics reorganized Igloo’s overarching campaign structure, using broad match for keywords that had performed well in automatic campaigns. This approach greatly increased overall efficiency by driving down costs and boosting sales.”
Matthew Scremin
Ecommerce Analyst, Teikametrics