Choosing Teikametrics helped take our Amazon business to the next level. Nick and the team were extremely helpful in getting us growing and eficient in short order, and we’re excited to continue growing with Teikametrics.
TROY (Client Ecommerce Leader)

Business Overview

The company is a leading reading and computer glasses company, boasting multiple products with top-50 Best Seller ranks on Amazon.

The Problem

With unoptimized and improperly structured campaigns, the company was seeing both year-overyear advertising cost of sale (ACOS) increases and stagnant total sales growth. Using only a few campaigns for their catalog of over 3,500 parent and child products, the brand was unable to control for product-level profitability, leading them to look for a partner. The company’s goal was to bring on a technology provider that would help educate their team on the technology and strategies for success with Amazon advertising, while at the same time restructuring and optimizing campaigns to align to their overall business goals

The Solution

After bringing on Teikametrics, the company’s assigned senior ecommerce analyst maintained legacy campaigns but began optimizing them based on audience segmentation, product margins, and total sales growth. Performance of these campaigns was bolstered by Teikametrics’ algorithmic bidding technology and keyword automation that adjusts to the company’s eficiency targets. At the same time, Teikametrics educated the company’s team on advertising best practices and optimization techniques, providing them with the confidence to start managing and optimizing campaigns in-house.

Performance Results

Total Sales vs. Total Ad Sales

Consistent Total Sales and Ad Sales growth, while also lowering overall ACoS.

Key Metrics

First 60 Days Vs. 60 Days Prior
On Day 1 of our partnership, Troy tasked us with solving two very clear, common challenges that the company faced with their Amazon Sponsored Products. The first was stagnant sales growth at a declining ACoS eficiency, and the second was limited control over their broad product catalog. I worked closely with Troy to thoroughly understand his goals and the nuances of the catalog, rebuilding the campaign structure accordingly, which offered better alignment and control. Marrying this strategic campaign structure with Teikametrics’ bid technology drove immediate results, with a 49% increase in ad-derived sales at an improved ACoS in the first 60 days
Senior Ecommerce Analyst | Teikametrics