Managing ads is not easy to do without software. Because we have 850 products with 3,500 ASINS, there’s just no way to manage my ads without automation. Teikametrics Flywheel monitors my ads, makes bid changes, and scales decision making beyond the capability of what I’m able to achieve alone.

The Business

Prescribed for Life sells natural and organic, non-GMO foods, food ingredients, vitamins, supplements, and herbal extracts. They’re a family business, originally started by Benton Tait in 1984 to sell cosmetics. In 2008 Prescribed for Life shifted into food and nutrition, and opened two brick and mortar food shops in Texas and Oregon, but quickly realized the e-commerce opportunity far outpaced their traditional retail earnings. By 2010 they were selling their food and nutrition products entirely online.

The Challenge

Benjamin Tait, VP of Prescribed for Life, tried selling their products to resellers who were making an enormous profit on Amazon. He made the decision to take sales back in-house, but their initial FBA sales weren’t as strong as the resellers’ sales had been. That’s when he realized that the resellers had been advertising on Amazon and that Prescribed for Life needed to advertise as well if they wanted to grow sales and be competitive. With hundreds of products all with different variations, he knew they needed software to manage all those bid changes.

The Solution

A referral from a trusted colleague who’d seen success with Flywheel brought Benton and Benjamin to Teikametrics. Utilizing Flywheel’s AI-powered automated bidding they immediately saw incremental sales growth week-over-week. Sales increased, profitability increased, and they were able to hire more employees to grow their business, benefiting their overall community. Prescribed for Life is now planning to add more products to Amazon FBA, advertise those products, and continues to rely on Flywheel to grow their business into the future.

The Results

Benjamin raved that their Amazon business saw a 30% increase in sales month-over-month in the first 6 months of utilizing Flywheel. This is valued at a consistent 3 to 5 times return on ad spend.
Given their expansive product catalog, utilizing Flywheel’s automation and algorithmic optimization provides hours of time savings every day. Flywheel’s AI-powered bidder now makes an average of 3500+ bid changes a day on their behalf, which could be equated to a full-time position.