Executive Summary

RMR Solutions is a household cleaner supplier, founded in 2013 by Chris Atkinson as a way to reduce labor and material costs for his restoration business. A decade later, they are a leading provider of household cleaners, mold removers, and odor eliminators. However, they were lacking. Not enough customers knew about the extent of their catalog. To further increase their market share, RMR sought to increase brand awareness for their top-selling products, but was limited by:

●  A lack of in-depth knowledge regarding ecommerce and marketplace advertising

●  Minimal full-catalog product advertising

●  Company resources and bandwidth

By partnering with Teikametrics, RMR Solutions accessed industry-leading AI technology which automatically optimized their campaigns. Teikametrics’ team of experts employed a restructure of RMR Solution’s strategies, ultimately increasing ad sales by over $2 million and increasing YOY growth by 60%.

My favorite thing about Teikametrics is you understand it, you live it, you breathe it. I know confidently that me and our team can sit in. If I needed to sit out for a week, I could have my customer service manager sit in and be able to understand everything because of the communication that you guys have. The platforms that you set up, Flywheel, everything that you guys organize, they work for somebody who has no understanding of marketing to be able to come and be successful and take on the chaos that’s Amazon.
Emily Mayer
VP of RMR Solutions


RMR Solutions partnered with Teikametrics to grow their brand awareness on Amazon and Walmart with the power of industry-leading technology and AI-powered campaign management.

Previously, RMR Solutions had focused their advertising budget solely on their top-selling product. This limited brand awareness in their desired market space with customers not knowing the extent of their offerings. With this in mind, Teikametrics’ goal was to showcase RMR Solutions as the professional solution for the everyday homeowner and bring brand awareness to their entire product line.


To achieve their desired growth, Teikametrics employed several strategies to maximize RMR’s performance:

●  Campaign restructure to optimize keyword and product targeting.

●  Creation of five Sponsored Products campaigns per ASIN to expand advertising across RMR Solution’s entire product catalog, increasing brand awareness.

●  Utilizing additional ad types including, Sponsored Brand, Sponsored Brand Video, Product Collections, and Sponsored Display to expand reach.

●  Consistently launch new products to expand the product line.

We’ve driven a 60% YoY growth for RMR by implementing smart, effective strategies. It’s rewarding to see our tailored approaches yield such substantial results.
Russ Bergman
Analyst – Premium Services, Teikametrics


RMR Solutions saw their year-over-year growth increase by 60% between 2022 and 2023. Teikametrics showed the value of advertising with data-driven metrics, which ultimately increased their budget to over $500,000 annually. By partnering with Teikametrics, RMR Solutions has boasted over $11 million in sales thus far in 2023 with a 3% increase in ROAs year-over-year.

Additionally, the RMR team has expanded their product offering on Amazon and Walmart from one hero product to a catalog of 10 for advertising.

We launched the product with Teikametrics, and in the first year on Amazon alone, it did over 1.5 million within the first year. It was a fantastic launch of a product and being able to ramp it up… But having successful advertising campaigns on all the products and not just one has been a huge success for us.
Emily Mayer
VP of RMR Solutions