Wilton, a cake decorating and baking company, wanted to generate buzz and increase visibility for an assortment of their seasonal products by creating a campaign that focused on driving awareness and conversions with Walmart customers.


  • Increase awareness of seasonal items
  • Boost sales


Working with Teikametrics, an API Partner in the Walmart Connect Partner Network, Wilton added Sponsored Videos to their existing Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns running during the Easter holiday season.


Campaign dates: March 23 – May 3, 2023

Promoted video content helps Wilton baking supplies rise above the competition

In past, Wilton had seen significant increases in traffic and sales when running Sponsored Search campaigns with Walmart Connect during key holidays.

Adding Sponsored Videos to their promotions would help Wilton stand out in Search In-grid results to customers that were actively looking for similar seasonal products.

Campaign Tactics

The team leveraged top-performing keywords from Wilton’s previous Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns. They also tapped into highly relevant keywords from Walmart Connect’s keyword analytics tool in the Walmart Ad Center and used these terms for the Sponsored Videos campaign across all match types — broad, phrase and exact.


  • Sponsored Videos promotions are a critical component of a full-funnel media strategy with Walmart Connect and can be incorporated with Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns to help educate customers about item features and benefits.
  • Working with API partners like Teikametrics can help to add further efficiencies and accelerate ad performance by automating and optimizing Sponsored Search campaigns.

*Originally published on Walmart Connect