While Zipline Ski is busy partnering with the 2018 Winter Olympians in PyeongChang, they’re also partnering with Teikametrics to manage their Amazon advertising.

About Zipline Ski

Established in 2014 by former World Cup Freestyle skiers and coaches, Zipline Ski manufactures the highest quality ski poles and goggles, and is an oficial supplier to the U.S. Freestyle Ski Team for the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics. President of Zipline Ski, Chuck Heidenreich, combined his personal experience as a mogul skier and 25 years of sports product development to create products tested and used by World Cup and Olympic Mogul skiers. Zipline poles are made with high modulus carbon fiber graphite that is not only lightweight, but also extremely durable, and will not deteriorate for skiers of any level.

Why did Zipline Ski join Teikametrics?

The Zipline Ski team are experts on everything when it comes to Ski Products, but had little to no experience with Amazon advertising. They partnered up with Teikametrics to manage their Amazon Sponsored Products Advertising full-time, and most importantly during their peak winter season.

David Wise, the 2014 Olympic
gold medalist, using Zipline
Blurr 16.0 Ski Poles
I originally started with Teikametrics because I wanted to be more effective with my Amazon advertising dollars. The ski season is short and I did not feel that I could miss the opportunity to be more efficient. The results have been amazing as we have doubled our business on Amazon and our website this season. During Christmas, one of our ski poles was the #1 seller on Amazon!

How has Teikametrics helped Zipline Ski’s overall Advertising Strategy?

With a very seasonal business, Zipline Ski has leveraged Teikametrics to stay ahead of the competition during peak seasons and spend their advertising dollars as eficiently as possible. Chuck and Teikametrics were able to learn more about Zipline Ski’s goals for the upcoming ski season, inventory, and typical consumer demographic. Teikametrics restructured Zipline Ski’s advertising campaigns, while eliminating wasted ad spend, improving keyword targeting, and adding new keywords on a weekly basis.

The Teikametrics Difference

Finland ski team, wearing
Zipline Ski goggles
Because I realized that Teikametrics had people much smarter than me on the advertising, SEO, Facebook, and promotional ideas I could focus on customer service & seeking out new customers and relationship building. Being an Olympic year, this was crucial so we could gain exposure through new athlete relationships, and it worked.