Scroll down for the replay of the Ask Walmart Anything session with experts from Walmart, Zentail, and Teikametrics. 

You can watch the entire replay to hear the panelists answer tough seller questions about applying to list their products on the Walmart marketplace, developing quality listings, and unique characteristics of advertising on the site. 

If you want to dive right into questions about the advertising opportunity on Walmart, check out the timestamps below with Jason Magee, Teikametrics’ Senior Director of Sales.

Timestamps for Advertising Topics:

[19:20] Jason Magee introduces Teikametrics, our API partnership with Walmart, & our clients’ advertising success on Walmart

[22:34] Jason shares how GoPlus exceeded their ROAS goals within 2 weeks with Teikametrics

[43:09] Jason talks about the art and the science of listing optimization

[57:00] The whole conversation moves to the topic of advertising on Walmart with the initial question: how do I start advertising on Walmart?

[59:22] Jason jumps in with Teikametrics’ perspective on CPC on Walmart as it compares to Amazon

[1:05:45] He explains the explore and exploit strategy for using auto and manual ad campaigns

[1:09:19] Jason lays out best practices for ad structure and isolating keyword types

[1:14:29] Jason breaks down why bidding on Walmart ads is a statistics problem that a partner like Teikametrics has the data and methodology to solve

Watch the Webinar Replay: