Much like early adopters of Amazon’s ad products were better positioned as that marketplace matured, early entrants into Walmart’s Sponsored Products ecosystem have a distinct advantage. That is why we’ve put together this webinar in partnership with Walmart to give you a detailed overview of Walmart’s new ad offerings.

The opportunity to capitalize on new channels beyond Amazon is growing quickly. Watch this webinar to learn the key differences of Walmart Sponsored Products compared to other marketplaces, along with real-world success stories and best practices honed over Teikametrics’ work with clients over both the beta and early launch periods.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Detailed figures on the scale, customer profile, and product search behavior of shoppers
  • How Walmart Sponsored Products ads are delivered on the search page, and the criteria for your products to be eligible
  • Important differences from other online marketplaces that impact how you should approach advertising and optimization
  • Success stories and winning strategies from some of the early adopters of Walmart Sponsored Products

Watch the replay: