In this webinar co-hosted by Teikametrics and Salsify, we discuss the latest data around the apparel market on Amazon, what you can learn from past holiday season successes, along with the latest strategic guidance for Q4 2020.

Topics Covered:

  • Detailing recent trends around the recovery of the apparel market on Amazon
  • Highlighting content and advertising best practices across top-performing brands
  • Telling the stories and strategies of apparel brands who made the most of previous holiday seasons
  • Underscoring key takeaways for fashion brands based on data from the most recent high-traffic periods on Amazon

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To find out how Amazon’s Big Style Sale really impacted consumer behavior, we analyzed more than 6,500 different Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry keywords during the sales event as well as over the weeks leading up to the sale. We published the results in our report: Amazon’s Big Style Sale Juices Demand… Before the Sale Event.