Amazon is the most popular sales channel on Earth, yet some brands are dropping off the retail site because it has become unprofitable to sell there. Thriving in an ecosystem that is burdened with higher fees, cheap competition from abroad, and fragmented operational systems can limit your brand’s growth potential. That is why we’ve put together this webinar with Skubana on how to maximize performance on Amazon in 2020 and beyond. Watch this webinar to learn the most important marketing trends and tactical considerations for optimizing your Amazon strategy and beating the competition.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Common misconceptions about what winning looks like on Amazon
  • Best practices when it comes to listing optimization and product assortment
  • Keys for generating page traffic on Amazon, including how to identify search terms to kick start the “Amazon Flywheel” through advertising
  • What you should expect from Amazon in 2020 when it comes to new marketing options for your brand

Watch the replay: