You’ve heard of March Madness.. But are you ready for Marketplace Madness?

On April 20 & 21, we’re hosting the premier two-day virtual event combining revolutionary marketplace data trends, expertise from leading brands, and multi-channel strategy to make it rain on Amazon, Walmart, and beyond.

Two days jam-packed with everything you need to sell successfully across multiple marketplaces in the years to come. We’re giving you the information and data needed to help curate your own marketplace bracket to see who comes out on top for a personalized expansion strategy. 

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Why Marketplace Madness?

The marketplace game has changed. 

Significant changes to costs, competition and consumer behavior in E-Commerce around the world is forcing brands to ask a very important question: 

“Where should I invest my next dollar?” 

There are more channels than ever before for consumers to buy products and brands to sell them – between Amazon, Walmart, Target, Ebay and many more, the opportunity for explosive growth through multichannel sales is immense.. But how should you approach them? 

How can you decide which marketplaces to expand into next? 

Which are growing the fastest? 

How should brands properly manage multichannel inventory and ads? 

And most importantly – Is it really worth the effort and money to expand? 

Marketplace Madness is here to combine the power of extensive data, insights & expertise with the strategy of brands that have successfully conquered multi-channel expansion – all to give you the necessary knowledge and strategy it takes to succeed on multiple marketplaces.

How do I attend Why Marketplace Madness?

This is where things get good, tickets to Marketplace Madness are FREE. That’s right, we’re giving out marketplace data trends, expertise from leading brands, and multi-channel strategy from our own experts and analysts – completely free of charge. Click below to claim your spot and register for free.

Why should I attend Marketplace Madness?

By attending Marketplace Madness you will walk away with exclusive access to multichannel data and benchmarks, real strategies and tactics used by billion-dollar brands, and the playbook to build a connected multi-channel approach. 

You should attend, not only to gain exclusive insight and strategy for what’s to come… but to unlock access to proprietary data and insights.

Be on the lookout for more details coming soon!