Prime Day is over – what were the results? Outside of your own brand’s fortunes during Prime Day 2020, understanding how the wider Amazon landscape shifted during the sale event will help you better contextualize your efforts this holiday season.

In this webinar, Teikametrics’ Andrew Waber and Ryan Walker detailed exclusive data from Prime Day 2020 along with what brands and sellers should take away from what transpired.

Topics we cover:

  • How advertising performance on Prime Day varied by vertical
  • Insights on how Amazon private label brands fared
  • Key observations from sellers and brand owners over the course of the sale event
  • What the takeaways from Prime Day indicate about Cyber Week 2020 and beyond


The hosts:

Andrew Waber
Director of Insights, Teikametrics 

Ryan Walker
Sr. Director of Client Services, Teikametrics


The agenda for this webinar: how advertising performed on Prime Day by vertical, insights on Amazon private label brands, key observations from sellers and brand owners, and takeaways for Cyber Week 2020

methodology for our data analysis: We looked at performance across Teikametrics’ customer base, and compared Prime Day to the prior 2-week average. We captured Amazon Private Label data from 10/6-10/14.

Across verticals, we saw very
large increases in search volume activity, especially for verticals associated with deal-seeking.

Cost-per-click (CPC) rose across most categories, but a lot of these CPC changes are justified because the increased costs were offset by increases in conversions.

Amazon leaned on discounts on their private labels to drive sales during Prime Day. 

Amazon private label brands’ overall exposure on search remained largely flat. It didn’t change much during the sales event.

Those same Amazon private label products also saw
largely flat placement at top of search. 

As long as your strategy going into Prime Day is sound, you’re generally going to be successful because of
“graph-breaking” levels of activity

Conversion rates jumped dramatically more for Prime Day 2020 than for Prime Day 2019. 

Prime Day 2020 generally had higher conversion rates than Prime Day 2019. There was also a positive trend in average order volume, potentially indicating earlier holiday shopping. Although there were CPC increases, higher conversion rates more than made up for them.

If you adjusted MACS in
Teikametrics Flywheel for Prime Day, revert to the original targets. Traffic may remain high in the coming days, but conversions won’t likely match that, so watch your spending. Consider using DSP to re-engage Prime Day shoppers for Cyber Week.

Looking ahead to Cyber Week: Be prepared for a large
volume increase in gift-related categories. Be ready to invest despite increased CPCs entering into Cyber Week. Treat Amazon Private Label as any other competitor. Expect an increase in activity across marketplaces. The competition will be intense, so know how to bid to value.

Q&A — answers to questions that sellers like you are asking.

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