To tackle the short- and long-term challenges all ecommerce businesses are facing today, it’s more important than ever to get prepared with the best tactical and strategic advice. That’s why Teikametrics put together an in-depth, three-part webinar series, with sessions from top ecommerce practitioners and thought leaders.

Below, you can find a video or audio replay of each of the sessions.

Part 1:
The Advertising Price of Product Launch: Costs and Strategies for Getting to Page One


Andrew Waber, Teikametrics, Director of Insights


This detailed, data-backed presentation originally slated for this month’s Prosper Conference, provides the hard facts around what it takes to successfully get a new product thriving on Amazon – and the pitfalls to avoid along the way.

Part 2:
Roundtable on the Keys to Successful Omnichannel Selling


Scott Bishop, Oriental Trading Company, Director of Ecommerce Marketplaces
Amanda Store, Formerly of 23andMe, Amazon Channel Leader
John Shea, Teikametrics, CGO
Andrew Waber, Teikametrics, Director of Insights


Hear directly from these seasoned practitioners and experts about their thoughts on the current crisis as it relates to ecommerce, lessons that should be taken into account, and best practices when selling across multiple ecommerce channels.

Part 3:
Teikametrics Ecommerce Analyst AMA


Ryan Walker, Senior Director of Client Strategy
Laura Pattison, Manager of Ecommerce Strategy
Meghan Gleason, Ecommerce Strategy Team Lead
Kelsey Robb, Ecommerce Strategy Team Lead


Four of Teikametrics’ ecommerce analyst leaders answer critical questions directly from online sellers. Specific topics include dealing with supply chain issues, expanding to other marketplaces, proper campaign setup, and more.