Your brand’s ability to capture more sales and market share in 2020 depends on having a deep understanding of how, where, and when to launch products online. That’s what this webinar, hosted by Teikametrics with our partner Algopix, is all about. Watch this webinar to learn the most important tactical and strategic considerations for your business across the two biggest online marketplaces in North America – Amazon and

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Outlining the unique best practices for both Walmart and Amazon when it comes to pricing, judging the competitive landscape, and advertising tactics
  • How to measure product market fit, demand, and what to consider from a marketplace perspective when launching a new product online
  • Choosing which retail site to sell your product on, and when to look at multiple marketplaces
  • Research showing how to profitably dominate each marketplace through a mix of intelligent advertising decision-making and keyword discovery

Watch the Walmart vs. Amazon replay: