There is one major reason Amazon continues to lead the pack when it comes to online marketplaces: innovation. Amazon always finds new ways to improve experiences for everyone who enters its marketplace. Customers benefit from two-day shipping and convenient, tailored recommendations. Sellers can take advantage of brand recognizability and an ever-expanding suite of tools, like the newly-announced Brand-Tailored Promotions.

In a recent announcement, Amazon unveiled a new feature that connects sellers to their audience with special deals to build customer loyalty and promote sales. Brand-tailored promotions allow brands to create customized promotional campaigns that resonate directly with their unique audience. We’re here to help you learn everything you need to know about this new tool, so you can start capitalizing on new audiences right away.

Amazon Brand-Tailored Promotions, a Breakdown

Traditionally, Amazon sellers of any size and category were limited to providing discounts to existing Amazon membership groups. These groups included Amazon Prime, Family, Health, and Students, limiting your reach to specific niches.

However, Amazon Brand-Tailored Promotions allow you to offer promotional discounts to six categories of shoppers which account for the majority of users on the marketplace:

  • Brand Followers: Users who follow your Amazon store
  • Repeat Customers: Users who have purchased from you multiple times within the last year
  • Recent Customers: The latest users to have purchased from you
  • High-Spend Customers: Users who have spent the most on your account within the last year
  • Potential New Customers: Users who have interacted with your brand, but have not purchased within the last year
  • Cart Abandoners: Users who have added your product to their cart, but have not purchased from you within the last three months

As you can see, the new categories cover a variety of demographics, greatly expanding your ability to reach more customers with your ads. To prevent users from taking advantage of your discounts, Amazon has also implemented checks and balances with the new system. Each eligible customer can redeem the promotion on a single purchase, limited to one unit redemption per customer.

Why do Amazon brand-tailored promotions matter?

As mentioned above, this new feature extends your reach to a wider audience with more compelling offers. However, that is only the beginning. By offering more ways to personalize and delight, brand-tailored promotions remind your customers why they shop with you in the first place and solidify their brand loyalty.

The Power of Personalization

One of the cornerstones of successful marketing lies in personalization. Understanding your customers’ preferences, needs, and behaviors allows you to craft messages that resonate on a deeper level. With the ability to target by purchase history, browsing behavior, and demographic information, you can improve the persuasiveness of your ads. Create promotions that feel tailor-made for individuals in each category, ultimately leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Building Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is the holy grail of business success. When customers develop a strong affinity for your brand, they become not just one-time buyers but advocates who spread the word and stick around for the long haul. Brand-tailored promotions can play a pivotal role in fostering this loyalty. A simple discount can encourage a first-time customer to purchase and find out why your product stands above the rest. Reduced prices for long-term customers help them feel rewarded for their loyalty and keep them coming back. Regardless of their time with you, shoppers who feel appreciated conduct repeat business and promote positive word-of-mouth.

Crafting Compelling Campaigns

The success of any promotion hinges on its ability to captivate and persuade. Whether it’s a limited-time offer, a bundle deal, or a tiered discount structure, the possibilities to resonate with your audience are virtually limitless. Brands can leverage their unique value proposition, storytelling, and brand aesthetics to craft promotions that not only drive sales but also enhance the overall brand experience.

Seizing Seasonal Opportunities

Seasonal events and holidays are golden opportunities for brands to boost sales and connect with customers on an emotional level. With Brand-Tailored Promotions, brands can align their campaigns with these occasions seamlessly. At times of increased traffic, you may come across more new customers or cart abandoners. Holidays and seasonal events are fantastic opportunities to connect with these audiences and give them the nudge they need to convert.

Simplified Implementation

While the concept of Brand-Tailored Promotions might seem intricate, Amazon has ensured that its implementation remains user-friendly and accessible. The intuitive interface guides sellers through the process, making it easy to set up and manage promotions. This means that even brands with limited resources or marketing expertise can leverage this feature to their advantage, leveling the playing field and enabling brands of all sizes to shine.

Support for Brand-Tailored Promotions

While Amazon is focused on providing the best experience for customers, we are thrilled to see how often they support their strong community of sellers. Brand-tailored promotions will unlock a wealth of opportunities to connect with and convert new shoppers. That being said, there are a variety of nuances for every ad type, campaign, and goal. As Amazon wants to empower brands, we want to support sellers of every size. Make the most of your brand-tailored promotions by making sure they’re optimized with our free Amazon Ads Checklist. Want to read about another recent update from Amazon? Check out our blog on their Small Business Academy.