Teikametrics is known for its Automated Bidding Technology, which we brought to market years ago with Flywheel. Now we’ve improved our bidding methodology to account for variances due to temporal causes such as seasonality or major sales events.

What Flywheel Users Need To Know

What does this mean for Teikametrics Flywheel customers? You don’t need to do a thing. Flywheel will continue to automate bidding as usual, but you’re already taking advantage of an improved ability to predict time-based variations and hit your value-based-bid.

Conor reflected on our customer-centered and data-backed approach:
“Our analysis of the data showed us there was an opportunity during unexpected changes in demand for Flywheel customers to capture even more profitable sales. This is a great example of how our team fulfills its mission to solve big problems for our customers. We give them data-backed, machine-driven decision technology normally only available to companies with incredible resources at their disposal. ”

Teikametrics customers can now experience improved bid-to-value accuracy across ad groups and campaigns by up to 50%, without lifting a finger.

How The Better Bidding Engine Works

As an example of how the improved bidding works, imagine a manual campaign that has been steadily capturing profitable sales over the summer. As the holiday season ramps up the bidder detects conversion rate changes across similar products. 

The bidder then prompts automated bid adjustments to maintain the profitability of the campaign. That means Flywheel can now automatically account for sales events like Prime Day and Cyber Monday – even if those dates change.

Download the Update

Download our 2-page update for details on the types of variances the bidder now accounts for, how this functionality fits into our existing AI-driven bidding, and how the improved methodology can enable sellers to capture more profitable sales.

Teikametrics’ Data Science Team Mission

The use of machine learning technology is largely restricted to companies with incredible resources at their disposal. Teikametrics’ Data Science team aims to democratize the power of AI-backed decision making for ecommerce businesses by providing brand owners and sellers around the globe with transparent and understandable data-driven insights, recommendations, or actions.