Welcome to the Agency Edition. Teikametrics’ leading predictive AI software has been specifically tailored to fit the needs of agencies. We’ve analyzed and developed a solution for the unique challenges of aligning teams internally and externally. The new functionality creates unparalleled results meaning you can scale your ecommerce performance like never before. Let’s get into it.

Why agencies?

When we designed our AI, we wanted to create a solution for sellers, by sellers. Being founded by ecommerce experts, our organization focused on the main challenges we saw as users. That’s why we focused on automation, information gathering, and scalability. We were able to give single users and small businesses the results of a team with a single tool.

However, as we’ve grown, we’ve seen firsthand the unique requirements agencies face to drive client success. Team members fall into differing tiers of priority and skill. That means you may not want everyone working on the same accounts or even using the same tools. Other problems include password sharing and updating, as well as maximizing visibility for each client. Even with the most skilled team members, they can only do so much in a day, and hiring new members isn’t always feasible.

In short, agencies have an entirely new set of problems that deserve to be addressed.

Teikametrics’ Solutions

To account for the challenges we’ve seen as well as the most common faced by our users, we’ve developed a powerful on top of the features users already see everyday.

Nested Accounts

We are proud to announce nested accounts for all agency users. These customers can create sub-accounts for their clients, customizing access, capabilities, and reporting features. This can be extended to in-house users as well to account for changes and employment status.

With nesting accounts, you don’t need to adjust your access capabilities as often, making it easy for your team to keep succeeding and pleasing clients no matter what comes their way.

Negative Keyword Recommendations

Some of the most essential parts of running a successful ecommerce agency, regardless of size, is leveraging keywords correctly. They are the lifeline connecting you to your preferred audience. Just as important are the keywords you keep away from your account, filtering your audience so you only attract what you need.

This new feature gives agencies AI-powered recommendations for changes on search terms that are wasting ad spend. Expanded business intelligence allows you to create in-depth custom reports and gives users the ability to create and download these reports directly from our software. Not only are you preventing wasted budget, we allow you to proactively add or remove keywords. While our AI will uncover the most important terms to use or avoid based on market data and predictive performance, you can input key data from your own discovery and knowledge of your products.

ChatGPT Integration

One of our most exciting updates altogether is our integration with ChatGPT. Ecommerce moves at a blinding pace. If you’re not always on, you’re losing ground. While AI has you covered regarding constant updates and optimization, a lot of keyword research was still user-led.

To account for the need for consistent updates, users can leverage ChatGPT directly in our platform. You can research and implement keywords without having to wait for external sources, conversion, or other delays. In short, your team works faster and with greater clarity.

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