The Teikametrics team is pleased to announce our partnership with eBay Ads, with the company set to manage and optimize campaigns using eBay’s new Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA advertising solution. 

Alasdair McLean-Foreman, CEO of Teikametrics, said, “This partnership represents a momentous step on the path toward Teikametrics’ goal of helping every ecommerce seller optimize their business across global marketplaces. We’re excited to make our marketplace optimization expertise available on eBay, while helping more sellers discover the potential of the retail site.”

What do sellers and brands need to know about eBay?

eBay has built a modern marketplace where sellers and brands have a lot of opportunity to scale. They offer resources for businesses that need inventory, fulfillment, and brand-building capabilities built into the site, as well as opportunities for sellers to drive sales velocity by using eBay Ads advertising solutions. 

With 159 million active eBay shoppers, and that number steadily rising, sellers should consider the advantages of making their products available to those shoppers who look to eBay as a trusted retail source.

How can eBay sellers promote their products?

Currently, eBay sellers can promote their listings in only one way, using a program called, appropriately enough, Promoted Listings. 

Promoted Listings helps sellers’ items stand out among billions of listings on the eBay marketplace and be seen by millions of active buyers when they’re browsing and searching, helping to increase the likelihood of a sale. Using a cost-per-sale model, eBay sellers only pay the ad fee when the item sells, making it an easy and risk-free option.

What is the new ads solution?

Promoted Listings Advanced gives sellers a new way to increase the visibility of their listings and drive sales velocity with preferred access to the top slot in search using keyword and budget controls.

Unlike Promoted Listings, Promoted Listings Advanced uses a cost-per-click model. This is similar to marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart, which make keyword and bid controls available and enable sellers to develop goal-based advertising strategies. With these kinds of controls, it’s possible to launch a successful ads strategy whether you’re focused on increasing sales volume, improving advertising efficiency, or making incremental gains.

What does Teikametrics bring to the partnership?

With deep experience managing and optimizing ads for sellers and brands on Amazon and Walmart, Teikametrics represents a natural partner for eBay Ads as they scale their program. 

Teikametrics brings to the table an experienced team of ecommerce analysts and a wealth of knowledge about what works for marketplace sellers. We also know the nuances and pitfalls to watch out for when transferring strategies from one marketplace to another because of critical differences that exist between sales channels

Finally, Teikametrics’ long-standing track record of creating bidding strategies tailored to each marketplace and product goal will be the secret key that unlocks the power of eBay sponsored placements.

Teikametrics’ VP of Innovation Chet Butikofer said, “Based on the successes we’ve already driven working with eBay sellers, we can’t wait to see what we can achieve with the expansion of the ads program.”

Learn more about advertising on eBay

Our partnership with eBay Ads means we have direct access to the team building out ad capabilities for the site. Sellers who use Teikametrics to advertise on eBay will enjoy the opportunity to provide feedback and shape the ads program as it evolves further.

Whether you’re live on eBay now or are looking at the site as a possible expansion opportunity, it’s important to understand what your competition may have access to and what’s coming down the line for all eBay sellers.

Join us next week on August 31st at 1pm ET for an exclusive webinar with eBay Ads where we’ll hear behind the scenes details on Promoted Listings Advanced and offer expert guidance on advertising strategies.