How does Teikametrics stay ahead of the curve? Why is our award-winning platform always improving? Because our team never stops learning and practicing either! That’s why we were integrated ChatGPT with the Teikametrics’ platform to unlock new levels of keyword creation.

To facilitate this new capability, our Senior Director of AI, David Glenn, dug deep into understanding ChatGPT to facilitate his understanding and expertise of the platform himself. In fact, he outlined a presentation on the capabilities of ChatGPT by using ChatGPT. It was a fantastic learning experience that we’re breaking down below. Read on and learn the difference!

Why this Approach?

Teikametrics believes that the best lessons come from hands-on use. If we add a feature or improve an asset, we need to know it inside and out beforehand. By experiencing the tool ourselves, we go through the same process as users. We ask the same questions, overcome the same problems, celebrate the same successes, and appreciate the same benefits.

Having this richer connection with users, our team understands what they want, what they want to avoid, and how we can improve the process for them regarding results and ease of use. This approach makes Flywheel easier to use and more effective for users of every skill level, meaning more time and money saved.

Why ChatGPT?

As many marketers have experienced already, ChatGPT is a powerful tool. Its AI empowers non-writers to have a starting point for major communications, tailored to the user’s needs. Additionally, it can help spark creativity in coming up with new perspectives, synonyms, keywords, and more. It’s one of the easiest “freelance writers” to use and continues to improve day by day.

In recognizing the revolutionary capabilities ChatGPT holds for ecommerce sellers, Teikametrics knew we had to integrate it with our platform. After all, two leading AI software tools will amplify the strengths of each other.

Practicing What We Preach

When David Glenn was asked to present at World of Walmart, he knew exactly what he was going to do. He was going to give a presentation about the Teikametrics’ platform, the ins and outs of bidding, and the importance of keyword automation. Best yet: he was going to have ChatGPT create it.

Now, this doesn’t mean he typed “write my speech” and called it a day. His presentation held the same gravitas as keyword research does for ecommerce brands. So he wanted to put ChatGPT to the test and discover the best process for using the software.

Glenn gave it two prompts, one with a rough and detailed description of how our bidder works and one for how our keyword automation works. By teaching the algorithm these details about his topic, Glenn ensured a few things:

  • Key topics would be included in the presentation
  • ChatGPT would have the correct information about which to write
  • He could fit a presentation draft in his already-packed workload

ChatGPT transformed this information into two fantastic starting points for David Glenn to alter and combine into his single, perfect presentation. ChatGPT provided the conversational flow to the speech, while Glenn focused on shoring up the language and adding his own unique flair. This trick ultimately saved him hours of work for a successful, high-importance presentation.

Want to try ChatGPT’s keyword research capabilities the easy way? Check out our recent integration and see how it can save you time, money, and effort.