Executive Summary

IZZO is a well-known golf accessory brand founded in 1991 by an avid golfer and an engineer, TJ Izzo. In the past decade, they have worked to grow the business from golf bags to range finders. IZZO has become the one-stop shop for golf accessories for athletes of all skill levels. With the majority of IZZO’s sales being attributed to their several licensing agreements with other golf brands, a minority of customers had visibility of the rest of the IZZO brand. To further increase market share in the golf apparel and accessories category, IZZO sought to increase brand awareness for their IZZO-owned products, but was limited by:

  • Minimal full-catalog product advertising
  • A lack of in-depth knowledge regarding ecommerce and marketplace advertising

By partnering with Teikametrics, IZZO accessed industry-leading AI technology that automatically optimized their campaigns. Teikametrics’ team of experts employed a restructure of IZZO’s strategies, ultimately increasing ad sales by over $3 million and increasing YOY growth by 92%.

We were looking for a company that had a lot of experience with Amazon, which Teikametrics has. There are a million people out there who’ll do advertising optimization, but it’s very difficult to find somebody like Teikametrics who has tons of Amazon customers that advertise consistently and have strong levels of data. The fact that Teikametrics has all that information and tools readily available and able to make decisions based on them was a huge factor for us.
Aaron Frank


IZZO partnered with Teikametrics to diversify their advertising catalog on both Amazon and Walmart with the power of industry-leading technology and AI-powered campaign management.

Previously, the bulk of IZZO’s sales were coming from one third-party hero ASIN. This limited brand awareness for IZZO-specific products in customers not knowing the extent of their catalog from golf accessories to golf bags.  

With this in mind, Teikametrics’ goal was to prioritize IZZO brand items as the professional solution that every golfer needs to make their golf game better and more enjoyable than ever before while bringing brand awareness to their product line. 


To achieve their desired growth, Teikametrics employed several strategies to maximize RMR’s performance:

  • Utilize the automated bidder to maximize ROI on its advertising budget. 
  • Advertise a wider range of IZZO products with higher margins as opposed to the singular hero product.

By harnessing innovative approaches to their advertising strategy, Izzo Golf has redefined growth this year. Their increased commitment to their budget mirrored a significant uplift in their Return on Ad Spend, demonstrating that the right investments pave the way for remarkable outcomes.
Russ Bergman


IZZO saw its year-over-year growth increase by 92% between 2022 and 2023. Teikametrics showed the value of advertising with data-driven metrics, which ultimately increased their budget by 55% annually. By partnering with Teikametrics, IZZO has boasted over 12 million in sales thus far in 2023 with a 25% change in ROAS.