Teikametrics has changed the landscape for online sellers yet again. Our product team has automated the most important parts of ad creation, simplifying the most difficult and time-consuming parts of your ecommerce strategies:

  • ACOS
  • Campaign creation
  • Keyword and targeting actions

Flywheel 2.0’s three new features have improved the best predictive AI on the market, meaning that you save time and money, while focusing on what you do best: growing your business. Learn about our industry-leading Bid Optimization Suite below.

Solving Sellers’ Pain Points

Through our extensive experience with leading brands of all sizes, we’ve seen consistent struggles across the board. Businesses in every category face the same challenges: the more ad campaigns they run, the more opportunities for errors arise, the more time required to create them, and the more keywords are needed for success.

Now, Flywheel 2.0’s predictive AI has streamlined ad optimization process. By pulling near-current data from multiple sources, Flywheel automates the creation of campaigns, based on sellers’ goals, products, and targeted ACOS.

Let’s go into exactly how we achieve this:


SmartACOS is a predictive AI-powered solution that harnesses near-real-time data and AI-driven learning to optimize advertising campaigns. Our AI-powered algorithms consider changing ad performance, organic sales changes, and evolving advertiser objectives and constraints to recommend the optimal ACOS target settings that will help achieve their holistic business goals. 

Available through Teikametrics’ Managed Services program, its features include: 

  • Goal alignment and portfolio optimization: The SmartACOS algorithm considers the seller’s business goals and constraints when generating advertising KPI targets. This ensures that the advertising strategy aligns with the desired outcomes, whether it’s increasing sales, reducing costs, or achieving specific targets.
  • Advanced, predictive forecasting: SmartACOS incorporates an advanced forecast model that predicts the impact of changing KPI targets on clicks, ad sales, and ad spend. This helps advertisers make informed decisions by understanding the potential outcomes of different bid strategies. 
  • Near real-time adaptability and scalability: SmartACOS’ algorithm continuously considers changing performance, organic sales performance, and the seller’s evolving strategy and goals to offer adaptive optimization on real-time insights. It is designed to handle large-scale advertising campaigns with thousands of campaigns and ad groups.

For more information, read our full release on SmartACOS.

Campaign Creator

Campaign Creator, which is now live in Teikametrics’ Flywheel 2.0 platform, allows users to create bulk campaign structures that’s optimize ad in minutes using AI without losing control over the details. Users can make bulk edits and get a full preview of the campaign structure before going live. It gives complete keyword management, with recommended keywords, the ability to manually enter keywords, and negative keyword support. Campaign Creator supports Amazon and Walmart in separate workflows due to channel differences.

For more information, read our full release on the Campaign Creator.

Keyword and Targeting Actions

Keyword and Targeting Actions, also live in Flywheel, provides users a streamlined workflow to quickly review and accept AI recommended keyword and targeting actions. It provides clarity and efficiency for advertisers, especially those managing multiple merchants, by presenting a unified view of AI-drive keyword recommendations, and its streamlined workflows can save brands and agencies up to 10 hours per week. 

These actions include Keywords to Add and Keywords to Negate. Taking these actions will result in the most effective use of their budget, ensuring that every ad dollar is wisely invested in the best keywords and targets. 

For more information, read our full release on Keyword and Targeting Actions.

An Upgrade for Flywheel Users

Flywheel 2.0 users already experience the advantages provided by the leading AI software. And now, the process has gotten even simpler. In addition to letting Flywheel’s predictive capabilities set appropriate ad prices across all listings, they can ensure their efforts stay within budget by setting ACOS limits. Additionally, users will be able to focus more on their business and staff while Flywheel generates stronger campaigns and keyword options that will boost sales at a fraction of the time.

Want a walkthrough of our new features or Flywheel 2.0 as a whole? Talk to our sales team today!