2021 was an incredible year. We wanted to celebrate the resilience and growth of the seller community with a look back at some of the highlights from the difficulties you’ve been dealing with and the webinars, blogs etc that were the most popular in 2021. 

Themes that emerged across these highlights include optimizing advertising, dealing with supply chain and fulfillment issues, and keeping abreast of all the news in ecommerce. 

Amazon Advertising Options Grew

Helping sellers and brands to leverage a full-funnel of ads on the Amazon marketplace is at the heart of what we do here at Teikametrics. 

The 2021 Definitive Guide To Amazon Advertising was our most popular new ebook during the year.  The guide explains how the ads available on Amazon work and strategies to implement to achieve incremental growth on the site.

We Launched The Page One Newsletter

The majority of purchases on any marketplace still happen from page one of search. So if you want to grow your business you have to be on that page, but getting there is complex and constantly moving target. 

That’s why we launched the weekly Page One newsletter which brings you updates and advice on strategy for getting to page one. From zero subscribers to 1,000+ our community is growing.

Page One Newsletter
Subscribe to the free weekly Page One newsletter

We Saw You In-Person Again

We were so happy and relieved when we were able to see our friends in the seller community live and in-person again at conferences like the Prosper conference in Las Vegas and the Seller Velocity event that we hosted at our Boston office. 

The pandemic forced new creativity in the ways we work, but we still love getting to see you in person, hear your stories, and work together to solve your problems and grow your business.

The 2021 Seller Velocity Conference featured lightning talks and intimate breakout sessions 

You Had To Optimize Your Product Detail Pages

Our most popular webinar of 2021 was the Maximizing Conversions On Amazon & Walmart Product Pages webinar. No surprise there. We all know that sellers and brands need to optimize their product detail pages to drive efficiency in advertising and see the conversions they need to profit. 

Watch the webinar on-demand with our own Liz Downing and Jason Magee plus our friends from Snap36 for their insights on listing optimizing on both Amazon and Walmart marketplaces.

We Built Better Tools

The ecommerce landscape changed so fast in 2021. We were constantly working to build better tools for you to navigate the space and keep your business ahead of the competition. 

From new Market Intelligence capabilities in Flywheel 2.0 to the launch of our partnership with eBay ads, our software engineers, data scientists, and ecommerce analysis were at the forefront of building you the most sophisticated tools you need.

Everyone Had To Cope With Supply Chain Problems

Remember when everyone was talking about the Ever Given stuck in the Suez Canal? That was just the tip of the supply chain iceberg. 

Everything from sourcing materials, to shipping, to warehousing, to fulfilling orders has been troubled this year. That explains why How Amazon Supply Chain Works was the most read of our new blogs in 2021.

Ever Given Ship
We were going to make a joke about the Ever Given

Teikametrics Was (And Is, And Will Be) Here For You

Our most-watched video was our How To Pronounce Teikametrics short. It showcases lots of our ecommerce friends “teik-ing” a stab at the correct pronunciation of our name. 

We enjoy a good laugh (see also the Ever Given) but it’s also a serious video about the work we do for sellers day in and day out to evaluate the value of a click and make the right bidding adjustments to win for you.

Happy New Year!

And those are 7 highlights, ranging from really tough struggles to shining successes, from our year in ecommerce together. 

Some of these themes around issues like supply chain and advertising complexity will surely continue into 2022. But other new challenges and opportunities will rise to the surface. Check out our round-up of predictions of Ecommerce Trends for 2022.

From all of us at Teikametrics, here’s to a joyful and prosperous New Year!