Teikametrics is excited to announce upcoming new Business Intelligence features that allow sellers to gain a 360 degree view of combined advertising performance across marketplaces (i.e Walmart, Amazon), all in a single dashboard.

The Problem

Sellers scaling on Amazon and Walmart do not have a single source of truth for their multichannel performance and advertising data. Data sits in disparate silos across the marketplace-native advertising consoles and deciphering attribution, efficiency, and analyzing comparative performance to optimize spend is a challenge.

Prior to this enhancement, sellers had to manually download data from multiple external sources and join them in spreadsheets. They would manually create multiple tabs and sheets to help drill down on the data they required. This task was not only time consuming as the data would require to be refreshed but prone to human error when sellers didn’t join the right data to compare against other marketplaces.

The Solution

Teikametrics is releasing a significant enhancement inside its best-in-class optimization platform, Flywheel 2.0, for managed account customers. Later in Q2, Flywheel 2.0 managed users will be able to view their multichannel performance data inside a best-in-class Business Intelligence (BI) module.

The BI module within Flywheel 2.0 will allow sellers to understand and analyze the performance of their products across Amazon and Walmart as well as the performance driven by Flywheel 2.0’s best-in-class AI-optimization technology.

Managed Seller and Vendors will be able to access curated dashboards built by experienced advertising analysts at Teikametrics. New dashboards will continually be added throughout the year that will provide incremental new insights into budget, inventory, and brand performance across all marketplaces.

Key Metrics and Data Insights:

  • Overall Sellers or Vendor Performance
  • Product Performance
  • Campaign Performance
  • Search Performance